Best VPN for the Netherlands

In the Netherlands and many places around the world, people have realized the need for an internet privacy and how a VPN service can provide a full online privacy, anonymity, and security to any internet users. Best VPN for the Netherlands not only provide internet security but also gives full freedom to circumvent firewalls and Geo-restrictions around the world. The Nederlandse VPN also lets you hide your original IP address and get an IP address from the Netherlands.

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The EU Data Retention Directive in the Netherlands

In 2006, together with all other European Union member states, the Netherlands accepted Data Retention Directive as a national law. There’s a lot of confusion in regards to this law. It requires all telecom service providers, including ISPs to keep logs of all communication through the phone and online activity made by any EU citizens. ISPs have to save records for 12 months. However, the Netherlands government has been successful in negotiations to reduce the period to only six months.

The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Luxemburg and Bulgaria after careful analysis of the Data Retention Directive Articles have concluded that VPNs are not covered by the directive as it does not provide internet access. Therefore, these countries are very favorable by VPN providers. Most of the international VPN providers have located their servers in these countries.

With a Dutch VPN service, you can protect yourself against data retention law. The Nederlandse VPN denies access to your personal data and information. Use VPN for the Netherlands, which encrypt your Internet connection and protects your data by keeping your internet activity private and secure. Don’t let the Dutch government either the European Union to spy on you.

Unblock Websites with a Dutch VPN

Many sites and content online restrict access to users from different countries. For example, if you are in the United Kingdom, your original IP address is from the UK. Therefore if you try to access some website in the Netherlands, you may end up being restricted from the access. It’s known as geographic restrictions, which you can bypass if you get a Dutch IP address. VPN services allow getting an IP address from the Netherlands. Therefore, enabling you to unblock websites with the Dutch VPN service.

It works the same with other foreign websites. For example, if you are in the Netherlands and wish to watch Netflix US version, all you need to do is to sign up to a VPN service provider with a server in the USA. It will allow you to get US IP address and bypass restrictions easily.

Internet Freedom in the Netherlands

With a Nederlandse VPN service, internet users around the world, including people from the Netherlands can browse the web privately and securely. Nederlandse VPN encrypts your internet connection and changes your IP address to the location you choose. It makes your Internet activity completely anonymous.

Get Dutch IP Address

Using a VPN service you can change your IP address to any country which VPN service has servers. Many people around the world want to get the Dutch IP address to enjoy several benefits that include the following:

  • Secure your internet connection, keep your personal data anonymous and safe.
  • Unblock sites and services that are geographically unavailable to your location. Access the Netherlands only content and services when going on a trip abroad.
  • Bypass online censorship, firewalls and internet filter anywhere in the world.

Conclusion – The Best VPN for the Netherlands

TenBestVPNs recommends the best VPNs for the Netherlands, which allows you to hide your IP address, get a new Dutch IP address and IP from other locations, it also encrypts your data and lets you browse the internet anonymously.

In this article, you can find out our best VPN recommendations based on its server locations, compatibility, user friendliness, price, security protocols, and speed.

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