Fastest VPN Services 2017

We review and suggest the best and the fastest VPN providers that offer full internet privacy, allow you to unblock geo-restricted content, use torrents to download your favourite movies and avoid censorship. All of the fastest VPN has a great VPN software and several tunnel protocols that help you to encrypt your traffic, it also hides your IP address and lets you to connect to servers around the world still providing fast VPN speeds.

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Why it’s important to use a VPN

Here are few of the best reasons:

  • The VPN service keeps your internet identity private and anonymous. By encrypting data traffic and hiding your IP, your local ISPs are unable to track and monitor your meta data, which helps you to avoid providing data for a data retention scheme which is especially strict in countries like Australia, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China and many more.
  • By connecting to a server in another location, you can access content and websites which are geographically restricted and not available in your country. It’s a case with many popular services like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Fox, HBO, Pandora Radio and many others. Even Netflix was restricted in many countries until the beginning of 2016, however now it’s available in most of the countries around the world. Though at each location you can access different movies and TV shows, content is limited and therefore it’s still better to subscribe and use Netflix USAversion. With a VPN you can do that too.
  • VPN helps you to mask your IP address and allocates you another private one, which means that you can access websites, content and services that are blocked in your own country. Some of the most popular are gambling and dating sites blocked in several countries, also some countries block VoIPs, like Skype. China blocks also a lot of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Google service are blocked there. Using a fast VPN you will be able to access all of the blocked sites.
  • VPN also provides the safest communication online in comparison to any other method. Because of the advanced VPN software and modern technology, it an provide users with a secure communication.
  • VPN provides full security to the business. It makes the communication simple and easy, allowing business owners and staff, or business partners communicate with each other without fear of being hacked.
  • VPN is one of the most cost effective way to keep yourself secure. It also provides the best and cheap security to business environment. For a home or small office we also offer to purchase a VPN router and for bigger organization the best option would be to look into getting a device for a Site-to-Site VPN Gateway connection.

Why to use one of the fastest VPN service

VPN is in its best use if it provides a full suite of features like price, how many servers and its locations, tunnel protocols, free VPN trial and money back guarantee. Some of the features are more important and used more often. Some people like to use VPN for torrenting, some use it for unlocking websites, but some just want to protect themselves while browsing the internet. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose a faster VPN:

  • As you can connect several networks, then it’s important to have a fast VPN connection to assure that your private household or your business can share the same network and servers between different offices and branches around the world. If you want a VPN for your own use then also it’s important to subscribe with a faster VPN as it will maintain the internet speed you are used to and avoid you getting frustrated for speed drop.
  • When you connect to a public internet network when out at a bar, restaurant or in your local park you are also at a risk to be giving out your online information to any third party or internet hackers. Usually public Wifi and Hotspot connection is much slower than what you are used to at home, therefore when using a VPN it’s important that you subscribe with a fast VPN to maintain high quality speed and keep your information anonymous when surfing the web.
  • If you wish to bypass regional restrictions or what it’s called as geo-blocking then many of the websites will require a decent internet speed for it to steam the media. Usually VPN slow down your internet network by about 10 percent therefore it would be the best to choose one of the fastest VPNs so you can enjoy the steaming online.

Most important VPN features to look for

There are plenty of VPN providers, we have tested, used, compared and are recommending only the best of it. When it comes to VPN subscription, just like any other product which you intend to buy, you have to look at the advantages and disadvantages of this product. For a VPN, it’s very important that it provides a full set of features. When you are buying a VPN it’s very important to read the privacy policy first, it has to be written in very easy to understand language for anyone, even non technical users. You also have to make sure that the VPN you choose doesn’t log your data and internet activity. So, pay attention to the “logging policy”.

Other important features is the server count and locations. When using a VPN it can slow down your normal internet speed, but if you will choose a VPN with only a few servers around the world then you can end up sharing a server with many other VPN users and it will decrease the speed of the connection even more. Another factor that can impact the speed is the distance in between your location and the server, the further you are the slower streaming will become. Therefore, the best is to choose a fastest VPN so you can enjoy the browsing as per usual. All of our recommended providers have many servers around the world, this makes the connection speed maintain high.

You can try out some of our recommended providers such as ExpressVPN, it offers fast VPN connection through several tunnel protocols including OpenVPN and severs in over 70 countries. Another great option is StrongVPN with servers in more than 44 countries globally. VyprVPN usually offer the best deal price wise and it has servers in over 55 countries.


If you are worried for your internet privacy and want to keep your data protected and your identity anonymous then the best choice is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Using the fastest VPN you will be able to secure your internet activities, access blocked sites, stream videos and live events like Premier League, which is one of the most popular football leagues in the world, you can watch also Formula 1 which is another very popular sport event that millions of people enjoy every year. With a VPN help, you can also stream Euro Cup and be safe when gaming online. To do all of this and many more you can by getting one of the fastest VPN providers from our recommendations as it will keep the speeds fast and you will be able to enjoy every single moment of your internet surfing experience.

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