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Most of our users ask the following question: why should I hide my IP address? The answer is very easy, hiding your IP address allows you to prevent yourself from web tracking, make sure you do not leave any digital footprint, bypass internet bans and stops your IP address from being blacklisted. In this article you will find the answers and learn what are the best VPN to hide my IP.

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Why I Should Hide My IP Address?

When it comes to browsing the internet, it’s important to take care of your private data and stay anonymous. When you are surfing the internet, you are given an IP address, this IP is used to track and provide all information about a computer that is linked to the internet. The information tracked includes your country location, state, region and even a city or town you live. Your personal IP address will track not only your location, but also your online activities such as what sites are you visiting while surfing the internet. As an internet user, you may not be so happy to have your private information available to anyone in the world, therefore the best way to protect this information and keep anonymous on the internet is to hide my IP address. Even if you aren’t up to anything that is illegal you may want to be protected online. There are a number of reasons why you should hide your IP address:

  • when using a public internet network in a cafe, library, restaurant or hotel your data is very easily accessible by any third party. This can cause serious security problems or been attacked by advertisers since your data may be sold to anyone who would be keen to pay for it
  • when you are at school or work where the organization have restricted access to some websites or content. The most common ones are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites that you like to visit. Switching my IP address you will be able to unblock those sites in case of any blockages or restrictions
  • hiding IP also allows you to unblock content from other areas. If you travel abroad and you wish to watch your favourite shows on Netflix, Hulu or BBC iPlayer, or even listen to Pandora Radio or access Spotify in countries where it’s not available or content is different from what you are used to then IP hider can give you the access to any content that have been geo-restricted. It’s the same when you plan to do online streaming of a football game or any other program that isn’t available in the country you are at the moment
  • you use torrents to download movies and tv-shows online, in some countries it’s fully illegal, therefore it’s better to hide my IP and make sure you are secure when torrenting
  • you just don’t like to be constantly monitored and wish to avoid the online censorship. You are all up for freedom on the net.

There are many reasons to hide your IP whether it is to take care of your internet security or access content online. So choose the most suitable way to do it.

How To Hide My IP Address

This is another very popular question that our users ask. There are few ways how you can protect and hide your IP address. Keeping your IP address private is simple, but to pick the right option for you, you will need to identify what is your primary function online. If your primary function is to browse websites and you would like to protect your IP and gain privacy, then we recommend trying an anonymous proxy. However, if you intend using other applications apart from surfing the web, then a VPN service is the best tool for you.

An anonymous proxy works as a middle man between you and the website you access. It lets you browse the internet anonymously. Once you have found a proxy service that you trust, it is very simple to use. Just navigate to the proxy site that you have found, it works as a separate portal to access other web pages online. While surfing the web using the proxy service, it makes sure to routs all your traffic through the proxy system, which means that all your connections and IP addresses are now masked leading to the proxy servers instead of coming from you.

On the other hand, VPN service is a completely different beast. VPN also known as Virtual Private Network and works as a virtual network connection between your device and other remote “virtual” network. Once you connect to the virtual network, you are entitled with a new IP address from the virtual network. Your new IP address now is not anymore associated with your ISP, but with a VPN service provider. VPN service also works as an adapter for your internet traffic, it routes it through the virtual network and then back to your device. Most of the best VPNs for hiding my IP address have servers all around the world and it can make you to virtually appear to be in another part of the world.
VPN service is the best way to protect your IP address and your online identity.

The best VPNs offer following features:

  • servers in locations all over the world
  • it has a great reputation
  • it provides thousands of IP addresses to choose from
  • if offers fast encrypted connection
  • softwares for OS like Windows, Linux and Mac iOS
  • mobile apps for Android devices and the iPhone, iPad & iPod
  • it allows file sharing so you can stream and download using torrents
  • it offers great customer support and technical help
  • free trials or money back guarantee

What are the cons of using a VPN to hide my IP

Both of the previously mentioned services will protect your online identity by hiding your IP, which is definitely a great thing for your anonymity while surfing the web. However, both of these services have some cons.

One of the main cons is that while sending your traffic through a remote computer system, it may reduce your connection performance. This may not be so apparent and important when surfing regular websites, but it is more obvious and can even get annoying when using media intensive websites. You can experience serious latency issues. This most of the time happens when you are officially based far away from a place where you connect to. For example, if you live in the UK and wish to unblock sites and services from the USA, then it may experience more severe latency and affect the quality of the service. The best way to avoid latency issues is to get a reliable and trusted VPN service with many server locations and different IP addresses.

How to check your IP address

Now that you know what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a VPN to hide your IP address, you can test if your newly acquired VPN software really does a good job.

IP address lookup tools are able to identify following IP address information: City, State or Region, Postal or Zip Code, Country, Country Code, Time Zone and the ISP. IP Lookup tools don’t provide an information about one’s physical mailing address, the most you get is an accurate city of the IP address holder. Only ISP would know the physical mailing address, but without some legal document forcing the ISP to provide such information, it wouldn’t give out its users personal information.

You can test if your VPN works by clicking here. Test your IP address without a VPN connection and after you have connected to a VPN server in another location.


Unfortunately, none of the IP lookup tools is 100% correct, there are many factors involved when searching for your address. A few factors that come into place when checking your IP address includes where the owner of the IP address is registered, where is the agency that provides the IP address located, cellular IPs and other things.


When you use internet regularly, you are constantly at a risk to be spied on or hacked. Your personal data is easily accessed by hackers and third parties who may want to take advantage of your private data. To make sure you are safe, secure and anonymous, choose a top VPN IP hider and you will never need to worry about your internet privacy. It is the easy way, the best way to stay safe and secure while hiding your IP from spying eyes.

If you do have any other questions on how to hide my IP address, you may contact us here.

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