Best VPN for Korea

We review the best VPN for Korea that will guarantee a secure and safe experience on the web. Our list of Korean VPN is compiled based on the following features that service provider offer. These features include how easy is to download and use VPN software, how many and in which countries VPN servers are located, what are the tunnel protocols that VPN support, if it’s possible to use OpenVPN, PPTP, IPsec and others. As a VPN service encrypts your internet traffic and by hiding your IP address it provides you with a security online, then we also take into consideration the count of Internet Protocol addresses that VPN company offer.

As many Koreans wish to access content in other countries, then it’s important that VPN has servers in countries like USA, UK, Canada, China, Australia, Singapore and other places. Our list of the best Korea VPN consists of all the top providers, and all of them offer great customer support as well as a free trial or money back guarantee.

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Internet users in Korea

Korea is one of the most connected countries in the world with its usage and connection speed. In 2014, internet penetration in South Korea was 84 percent. There are a few factors that play an influential role in this high connectivity. One of the factors is that high-speed Internet access is relatively affordable to anyone. Furthermore, most of the households have an internet connection that is capable of reaching 100 Mbps with subscription fee under US$27 per month.

Mobile phone penetration was even higher. Reaching 116 percent in 2014 – meaning that many users own more than one device. Therefore, also free Wi-Fi coverage has increased rapidly. It is available in more than 2,000 public places across Korea.

Korea limits on content, blocking and filtering

South Korea’s cyberspace is dynamic and innovative. However, there are some website and content restrictions. Content filtering and deletion are apparent. Censorship in Korea is mostly executed based on the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) requests. They have a team of about 20 to 30 officers that monitor and flag possible offenses. Flagged offenses include pornography, defamation, as well as national security threats. Censored content is also classified by several categories. It includes gambling, contraband food and medicine, pornography, disregard others’ rights and violating other legislation and regulations. There’s another category in which falls all websites and content that contain North Korean propaganda or encouragement of reunification.

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN for Korea is a technology method that encrypts your internet traffic. It hides your IP address and allows to connect to a different server. Which lets you keep your Internet identity private and secure. VPN Korea also allows unblocking restricted content by your government or other authorities. As well as other geographically blocked websites and content. Some of it includes sites based in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, even in China. Some of the most popular geographically restricted services include Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, Fox, and Spotify.


Why do you need a Korean VPN service

Internet censorship is one of the greatest dangers to the free speech and liberty of expression on the web in South Korea. A Korean VPN connection will allow you to avoid all kinds of firewalls online. Using a VPN for Korea is the best way to unlock restricted sites and continue your regular browsing habits without increasing the risk to be flagged or prosecuted for seeing blocked content.

Using a VPN for Korea, you can also keep using P2P file sharing and downloading of movies and TV-shows via torrent. Once you subscribe to a Korean VPN provider, you can connect to a server in another location where torrenting is legal, and you can download without any worry.

If you are a big sports fan and like to follow the English Premier League and other events like World Cup, Euro Cup, Olympic Games, NHL, and NBA. Then using a VPN Korea connection, it’s available from anywhere in the world.

Other benefits include unblocking gambling sites like online poker. If you are traveling to the UAE, Saudi Arabia or any other Middle Eastern country where the online dating sites are restricted. You can unblock it using a Korean VPN.

The best VPN Korea

Some of the best VPN for Korea include those that have servers in Korea itself. Therefore, in our list, you will find providers that have servers in Korea. That includes VPN providers like ExpressVPN, Ivacy VPN, Nord VPN and IPVanish. Plus, other service providers like Strong VPN, Safer VPN, HideMyAss VPN that does not have servers in Korea. However, it can be connected to servers in other nearby countries as well as in the USA and the UK to unblock geo-restricted sites.

Here you can find some tips on how to choose a VPN for Korea:

VPN Server Location

VPN Korea software allows you to connect to a VPN server located in a different country. It also changes your IP address to another one in the new location you have connected. There are many reasons why people are using a Korean VPN service, and there are different services which offer different server locations. If you are looking to use your VPN for Korea to protect your online privacy and bypass censorship, then it is important to have a VPN service with servers in Korea.

However, if you intend unblocking international sites when in Korea, you will need a VPN service with servers in the international locations. Places where the sites and services are available. If you are traveling abroad and you want to be able to access sites that usually are unavailable outside of Korea, then it is important to get a VPN with servers in Korea.

VPN for Korea Speed Limits

If you intend using a VPN service for online video streaming, then it is important to make sure that the VPN service you sign up with doesn’t limit your VPN speed. Some of the cheaper and free VPN services have speed limits. No-one of our recommended best VPN for Korea has any speed limitations. So all your online activities will be secured and also the connection will be as fast and enjoyable, as without a VPN connection.

VPN Bandwidth Restrictions

Some VPNs also have bandwidth limitations. If you use a VPN service that has a bandwidth limit and you tend to surf a lot of internets and watch many YouTube videos, then this service isn’t for you. For the stable and unlimited internet browsing, choose one of the best VPN for Korea service providers.

VPN Encryption

To make sure your internet privacy is secured, please choose a Korean VPN service that offers higher encryption. The best VPNs provide 256-bit encryption. It is a lot more stable and reliable than 128-bit service.

VPN Privacy

VPN service is meant to protect and keep you anonymous online. But if you choose a wrong VPN provider that tracks your online activity and keeps logs, then it means that no matter how much you like your VPN service, your privacy can still be compromised. The best VPN for Korea are the ones that don’t keep any logs.

VPN Price

There are many free VPN services available. But most of them offer either a limited speed, bandwidth, and a few server locations. Furthermore, it keeps logs and even sells your private data to a third party, to make money. Usually, the best services are never free, and it requires maintenance and excellent customer service. Most of the best Korean VPN comes at a small monthly, quarterly or yearly fee.

Money Back Guarantee

All the best VPN for Korea offer a money back guarantee. Some services have seven days money back guarantee. However, some offer even up to 30 days money back without questions asked. Money back guarantees policy is a perfect way to try out the service and cancel if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Free VPN Trial

Some VPN Korea providers offer a free VPN trial for a short term. Free VPN trial is another way to try out the service even without providing any payment information.

File Sharing and Torrents

If you are a fan of downloading music, movies, and TV shows online, but you are worried about your privacy. Then you should make sure you get a VPN service that allows torrenting and file sharing. Some VPN Korea providers have specialized servers that allow file sharing.

Customer Service and Support

If you are tech savvy, then this might not be so important. But all the best VPN for Korea services offer a 24/7 customer support. Many customer service teams can be reached by going to its website and starting a live chat. Some offer a live chat directly within its VPN Korea software.


A VPN Korea software (including mobile Android or iPhone apps) is truly one of an essential internet security tools nowadays. If you care about your online safety, security and anonymity as well as if you wish to access all internet websites and content available from anywhere in the world. Then you won’t find a better solution than VPN Korea that provides these services. Therefore, choose a Korean VPN proxy to secure the complete online security and experience.

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