Best VPN for Latvia

It is not always easy to find the best VPN provider that offers stable and reliable service, especially if you are looking for one that works in a small country like Latvia. Therefore, this article is in regards to our best VPN for Latvia servers; it allows you to protect your online privacy and unblock blocked sites as if you were living in Latvia. Latvia VPN also provides you with a Latvian IP address, which lets you browse Latvian websites from anywhere in the world. Get a Latvian VPN service and protect yourself and family online, secure your downloads, unblock sites and content and access blocked international sites and content.

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Are you living in Latvia or looking for access to websites or content in Latvia? Here we have a list of best VPN for Latvia, which allows you to unblock websites and protect your online privacy connecting to a VPN server in Latvia. Latvia VPN service also allows Latvian internet users to access piracy sites securely and anonymously. All of our recommended Latvian VPN services provide fast and stable connection speed. VPN for Latvia will let you hide your IP address. Plus, you can get a Latvian IP address and enjoy full anonymity while browsing the internet.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. VPN is a tool that allows you to stay safe and secure when surfing the internet. VPN lets you connect to an external server. Latvians can connect to servers in Latvia. It encrypts your internet traffic, making sure that your data stays safe and anonymous. Latvia VPN servers ensure that your ISP won’t be able to track your actions online. It also means that you will be safe when surfing the internet in a public place. Places like Double Coffee, McDonald’s, bars and other places, which offer a free WiFi service. Surfing the web while on a public WiFi is dangerous as your private information is available to any third party and especially internet hackers that might take advantage of the newly acquired information.

Latvia VPN service also allows you to unblock sites and services from Latvia and internationally. It also lets you stream Geo-restricted videos and download music, movies, TV-shows and other files through torrents securely. If you are in a country which blocks dating and gambling websites, you can gain easy access by connecting to Latvian VPN server.

When connected to a VPN server in Latvia, it automatically gets a Latvian IP address. IP from Latvia gives you many benefits while surfing the internet.

Get Latvian IP address with a VPN

If you need a Latvian IP address then regardless of your actual location with VPN service, you can easily get one. VPN lets you hide your original IP address, and it provides you with a new Latvian IP address.
There are several good uses of Latvian IP:

1. Stay anonymous and hide your online identity
2. Bypass censorship in Latvia
3. Unblock blocked sites at schools and workplaces
4. Unblock Latvian websites and access services from anywhere in the world
5. Use torrents securely

Stay Anonymous Online

By using a VPN software, you can connect to a server in Latvia. Latvian VPN server immediately changes your IP address to a new private Latvian IP address. By doing so, your ISP isn’t able to track your internet activities; It provides you completely private and anonymous internet access.

Bypass censorship

Although Latvia has a relatively low level of internet censorship, once in a while Latvian government requests to block online websites and services. With a Latvian VPN connection, you can bypass such restrictions.

However, many other countries impose a much more internet restrictions. Therefore, if you happen to travel to a country where internet censorship at a higher level, then the Latvian VPN server will be the best tool that you can have to access the online services and unblock sites. Many countries like China and the Middle East even block the most popular social media sites and VoIP services. With a VPN for Latvia, you can access blocked content, even in countries with the strictest internet regulations.

Unblock sites at school and work

Many Latvian companies and schools restrict their employees and students from accessing certain sites that can affect the performance. For example, most of the schools and workplaces would block social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and others. With a VPN service, you can change your IP address which will provide you with access to any blocked site. Also, it keeps you anonymous from the management eyes.

Unblock Latvian websites and services

If you are living outside of Latvia but still would like to access Latvian websites and services, then the Latvian VPN server will let you unblock it from anywhere in the world.

There are a few Latvian TV channels like LTV1, LTV7, TV3, LNT, 3+ Latvia, Viasat and many others that are unavailable outside of Latvia. With a VPN for Latvia, you will be able to change your IP address to Latvian IP. Latvian IP address will allow you to appear located in Latvia and restricted websites will allow you to access local content and services from anywhere in the world.

Visit Piracy Sites Privately

According to the Global Film & TV Piracy Market Insight Report 2016, the most internet users that have visited a content piracy site come from Latvia.

Regardless of the growing number of services that allow legal download of copyrighted content from the internet, piracy sites, including torrenting, file download and live streaming websites are very popular in Latvia and most of the European countries. In fact, top ten countries with the most users visiting piracy sites are from European countries. 46.33% of Latvian internet users have visited a pirate site, taking first place and being followed by Bulgaria (27.43%), Lithuania (24.54%), Croatia (22.7%) and Spain with 22.19%.


As you may know, downloading copyrighted files or streaming movies and live events online is illegal. If not taken precautions, piracy site users can get into big trouble. If you are one of the piracy site users, then the best way to protect yourself when torrenting or streaming videos online is by using a VPN service. VPN for Latvia will let you hide your IP address, making your online identity anonymous. Latvia VPN allows you to visit illegal content sites without leaving any trace behind you.

Live in Latvia Virtually with a Latvian VPN

For Latvian internet users who travel frequently, the Latvian VPN service is one of the best tools to have. Like many websites and services including internet banking, news, TV channels are unavailable outside of Latvia. However, using a VPN for Latvia, you can break through it by connecting to a server in Latvia. Latvia VPN will give you access to anything you would be able to access at home.

Conclusion – Best VPN for Latvia

VPN for Latvia is the best tool to get access to any of the Latvian websites and services. Get a Latvia VPN service, then connect to a server in Latvia. VPN Latvia will change your IP address to Latvian and allow you to unblock restricted sites. VPN service also lets you to securely access piracy sites to download copyrighted material and stream videos. You can use VPN for Latvia from anywhere in the world; it will work in Canada, UK, Singapore, USA, UAE, Japan, India, China and any other country, you just name it.

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