How to watch HBO GO - Unblock Streaming From Anywhere

Most of the people around the world know HBO for its incredible quality of its shows. Therefore, many internet users around the world are very keen to figure out how to watch HBO Go outside of the USA. In this guide, we will tell you with details on how to overcome the only US Geo-restrictions. With a reliable and stable VPN service, you will be able to change your IP address to the US, allowing you to unblock HBO Go. VPN service also supports strong data encryption, which makes the streaming highly secure and your internet identity anonymous.

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In this article, you will find out exactly how to stream HBO Go from outside of the Unites States. We will explain you every single detail, and by changing your virtual location, you will easily unblock HBO Go and watch it from anywhere.

What is HBO Go

Watch HBO Go

Most of the people know about the HBO movie channels, in 2010 February HBO launched its only subscription service, HBO Go, which provides subscribers with a great variety of comedy shows, documentaries, sports events and other original HBO programming. 

HBO Go is available on several platforms; you can find HBO Go available online, on gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox consoles, several streaming players like Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, and Chromecast. One year later, in 2011 HBO Go had also launched on smartphones when iOS and Android apps were introduced.

How to unblock HBO Go with a VPN

It is easy and fast to unblock HBO Go. In this paragraph, we will give you quick steps to follow, for more detailed instructions, please continue reading.

  • Sign up to a VPN service provider. To access HBO Go, you will need a VPN service that offers servers in the US. One of the best and most reliable VPN providers for HBO Go is an ExpressVPN
  • Download, Install, and Setup – most of the VPN providers have a VPN software for most operating systems, you can download VPN software for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Also, mobile phone apps are available.
  • Connect to a VPN server in the US
  • Open the HBO Go website and subscribe to its service
  • Chill out, get some ice-cream or other snack and enjoy a relaxing evening with unlimited movies and shows provided by the HBO Go VPN service.

Full guide on how to watch HBO Go from everywhere

Get a VPN subscription

Once you have picked the best VPN provider for your requirements, you can click on the button Get VPN on our VPN review page or head directly to its website and sign up for its service. After subscribing, you can access and download VPN software.

Typically, most of the VPN brands offer more attractive pricing for its yearly subscription than for its monthly sign up. Many VPNs also offer a money back guarantee up to 30 days. Therefore, we advise you to try out the service first and cancel if it’s not working exactly like you hoped it would.

After signing up, you will get directed to your client area where you can download VPN software. All of our top VPN companies offer software for all popular platforms. To download and setup, a VPN software usually takes only a few minutes, and it’s very easy to do so.

Choose OpenVPN as your preferred encryption security protocol

OpenVPN is the most stable and most recommended protocols by TenBestVPNs. It is used as a default security protocol by most of the VPN providers. Make sure; you choose a VPN service with OpenVPN as it will ensure you don’t breach copyright laws due to lost VPN connection while watching HBO Go, Netflix, Hulu or any other Geo-restricted content online.

Choose a US VPN Server

After you have signed up for your VPN service provider, downloaded and set up the VPN software and made sure that OpenVPN is your current security encryption protocol, now you need to choose a suitable US VPN server. For watching HBO Go, you will need to connect to a fast VPN server to ensure the streaming quality. Typically the fastest VPN servers are the ones that have the lowest ping, and they are usually on the top of the server list. Make sure you connect to a VPN US server which will allow you to stream HBO videos without quality issues.


Sign up with the HBO Go

Now that you have got a VPN subscription and US IP address, you can go to the HBO Go website and sign up. USA IP address will show that you are coming from the USA and will allow you to do the same actions as when based in the US.

HBO GO VPN features

To be able to unblock and watch HBO Go from anywhere in the world, it is important that the internet connection speeds are fast and stable. To be able to watch high-quality programs you need to make sure that the VPN service you sign up with offers several servers in the US. But not only the number is the most important; you need to make sure that those servers are also high quality and fast in speed. 

Some of the VPNs may not provide a perfect speed VPN connection as it may focus more on some other features like the online privacy rather than on allowing its users to enjoy high-quality video streaming.

Another important feature to look out for is online security and confidentiality. By right, watching HBO Go outside of the USA is known as a violation of copyright. Therefore when you land on an HBO Go website, you get a message just like in the image below stating that a viewer must reside in one of the fifty states of the US if you wish to access the HBO Go service. 

Unblock HBO Go

To avoid getting in trouble, make sure the VPN has a good review, and it offers quality service. Our best VPN service providers are tested, trusted and well known for its excellent security and many fast server locations around the world.

Conclusion – Unblock HBO Go 

In this guide, you have learned how to use a VPN service to unblock and watch HBO Go from anywhere in the world. Our most recommended VPN provider is ExpressVPN as it’s one of the most reliable and stable VPN providers. However, there are also other good VPN providers that are highlighted in our comparison site, providing world class online protection and connection speed.

There are hundreds of VPN providers that you can find online. However, most of them are very slow, endangered and doubtful VPN services. Never sign up for a VPN provider that doesn’t offer good reviews and straightforward privacy policy. 

All TenBestVPNs recommended VPNs are well tested, we make sure they provide an excellent reliability, high encryption, fast speeds, simple privacy policy, good customer support and is reasonable priced.

So now it’s time to pick a VPN provider and follow previously explained steps, sit back and enjoy the HBO Go online entertainment.

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