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TigerVPN is a Slovakian VPN service provider founded in 2011 and after a short break if was relaunched in May 2016. Despite having a short history, it provides a good service that allows its users to protect their online privacy, unblock Geo-restricted sites and content as well as provide a strong device protection. TigerVPN has many server locations and support all VPN protocols. It offers many other features and benefits including free VPN trial.

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from FREE per month
  • Countries 42
  • Servers 300
  • Monthly From FREE
  • Rating 96.1%

Free VPN Trial, Many server locations, User friendly and easy to use software and apps, Bitcoin as a payment method

Free VPN Trial
Mobile Apps
Many Servers

  • TigerVPN Review Features

  • Number of servers: 300
  • Logging policy: No logs
  • Encryption: 256 bit
  • Founded: 2011
  • Location: 62
  • Money back guarantee: No
  • Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Bitcoin
  • Visit Site


Servers and Locations

TigerVPN offers a large network of server locations. Currently it offers to connect to 300 servers  in 62 locations across 42 countries around the world. It also regularly adds a new server location and guarantees it to be real locations unlike some other VPN providers fake their server locations. All VPN server locations are carefully picked and are connected to multiple upstream carriers so that it provides its users with a smooth video streaming, fast and secure gaming as well as law latency audio calls.

Device Compatibility

TigerVPN has designed its own easy to use VPN software and mobile apps for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android. No matter which operating system you use, it provides you with a location recommendation that allows you to find the fastest VPN server near your location.

Security Protocols

TigerVPN follows the industry standards, offering AES-256-CBC encryption with the OpenVPN being its default VPN protocol. It also supports IPSec, L2TO and PPTP security protocols. For Windows you can choose from L2TP, IPsec and PPTP. As well as OpenVPN with UTP and TCP for the highest compatibility. TigerVPN Mac, iPhone and iPad apps will encrypt using the IPSec, L2TP Protocol, but Windows and Android are using OpenVPN.

The TigerVPN support team can also help you to configure the VPN software on Linux and VPN routers.

Privacy Policy

As TigerVPN is based in Slovakia it doesn’t have to comply with any data retention laws, which makes it a good VPN provider for security and anonymity. It also claims not to use any logs, however, it also says that some connection related information like time stamps and bandwidth is stored for a short term. It will also store user information collected during the sign up process, this is said to provide a better features and service. Plus, it sends email notifications in regards to its new features and other updates.

TigerVPN Benefits


Apart from the massive VPN server locations and encryption, TigerVPN offer also unlimited usage, simultaneous connection on a multiple devices, high speed infrastructure, free password manager if signing up for a year plan. It also allows file sharing and an IP anonymizer.

Customer Service

TigerVPN has a decent customer support tool, you can get in touch with the support team through 24/7 live chat, through a ticket-based support system, social media sites and even through its In-App support.

Subscription Plans

TigerVPN offers several subscription plans, you can sign up for a Free VPN Trial and three other standard pricing plans that include 1 month subscription (Zen-Tiger), 6 month plan (-Tiger) and 12 month plan (Hero-Tiger). Below are more details about the each plan:


Free VPN Trial

TigerVPN lets you to sign up for its Free VPN Trial which allows to consume 500MB of data. Once the 500MB is over, the VPN access is blocked and the user is given an option to upgrade.

1 month or Zen Tiger

Zen Tiger is a 1 month plan that allows access to all locations and provides unlimited speed, data, priority support and Gigabit Network. Its current price is $5.99 /month.

6 months or Tiger

Tiger is a 6 month plan that offers the same features as 1 month plan, however, it’s a better value for money as its price is only $4.99 /month.

12 months or Hero Tiger

Here Tiger is a one year plan that offers all the same features like Zen Tiger and Siong Tiger, plus it offers a free premium password manager software called StickyPassword and a Shimon VPN manager that is especially useful for Mac as it allows its users to stay in control of multiple VPN protocols including OpenVPN, Cisco VPN and many others. This plan is even better value for money than Siong Tiger as it cost only $3.99 /month.

TigerVPN advantages

  • Free VPN Trial
  • Many server locations
  • User friendly and easy to use software and apps
  • Bitcoin as a payment method

TigerVPN disadvantages

  • No money back guarantee
  • Stores some user related information


Regardless of the service being relatively new in the market, it provides a wide feature offering and many VPN server locations that lets you to keep yourself anonymous online and unblock websites and services like Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer. It also provides a blazing fast connection speeds that lets you to steam live sports and fully enjoy the gaming experience.

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