Best VPN for iPhone

There are many reasons to use a Virtual Private Network on your mobile devices. One of the main reasons is that an iPhone VPN allows you to protect your data from cyber criminals while on a public Wi-Fi. Also, it lets you secure your internet browsing history from your ISP. Furthermore, it can help you to unblock geographically restricted sites and services which allow you to stream live sports and access Sling TV, Netflix and other services outside of the USA. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable and trusted service. Here in this article, I will share with you all about VPN use and what are some of the best service providers for iPhone.

What is Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network is a service that adds privacy and security to public networks like Wi-Fi Hotspots and private networks on the Internet. VPNs are used to protect sensitive data and gain anonymity online.

What does VPN do?

Virtual Private Network service provides several benefits to its users. Here’s a list of things that iOS VPN can do for you:

1. Provide you with privacy online.
2. Use Public Internet networks securely. It keeps your browsing activities anonymous.
3. Bypass censorship and surveillance.
4. Access sites and services online at school and workplace.
5. Stream live sports and events anonymously.
6. Unblock websites and services from other parts of the world.
7. Provide privacy when downloading and uploading copyrighted material on the internet.
8. Access home specific content while traveling abroad.

How does VPN Work

Once you install and configure your app, it allows you to surf the internet securely. By connecting to a server, VPN service encrypts your connection keeping your personal data and web browsing activities anonymous from your ISP and other snooping eyes.

Are iOS VPN Safe

Virtual Private Network service is created to provide security to its user’s data. Therefore, VPN companies should be trusted more than your ISP. However, there are a few instances when it isn’t safe to use a service. Here are some things to avoid:

1. Free services. Many free VPN service providers’ business model involves keeping logs of users’ activity and selling user data to a third party.
2. Avoid providers that keep records of users’ activities and private data. Companies that keep user’s activity logs just like free providers can end up selling your personal information. Or also, in a situation where authorities requests for user’s data, VPN service is required to pass all its records.

iPhone Setup

Setting a VPN on iPhone is very simple. In this section, I will guide you through the setup process and how you can disable and delete a VPN.

How to get VPN

1. Sign up for your preferred service provider

2. Visit provider’s website, sign in with your credentials and look for VPN software and app download information page

3. Choose a device “VPN for iPhone.” Click to download the app from the AppStore

4. Once the app has finished downloading, you can go to the home screen and open the app

5. Sign in on to the VPN app

6. The app will help you throughout the setup process. Allow app to configure the VPN for iOS

7. iOS will display a message about network activity and filtering, tap “Allow”

8. Your iPhone will require you to input your iOS passcode for “Settings” or you can also use a “Touch ID” to continue

9. Your service provider may ask you if you want to allow sharing anonymized analytics about your Virtual Private Network connection. This data is used to improve VPN’s service. Therefore, it is optional to allow or disallow. If you change your mind, you can modify this preference at any time

10. You are all set up! Most of the best VPNs offer to take a tour to familiarize with the app and its functions.

How to Delete Virtual Private Network

For different apps, there are different ways how to get rid of the VPN configuration. Apps that automatically install configuration on the device typically also remove all settings once it is deleted.

Therefore step 1 is to remove the app from your device. Then to be sure that the configurations are removed follow with step 2:

1. Open your “iPhone settings”
2. Go to “General”
3. Scroll down and tap on “VPN”
4. Tap on information icon “i” that is placed next to existing profile
5. Scroll down and if you see “Delete VPN” then tap to remove settings.
6. Tap on “Delete” once the pop-up window shows up to confirm the action.

If in step 2 you don’t see “Delete VPN” then move to step 3 to remove configuration profile from your iPhone:

1. Launch the “iPhone settings”
2. Navigate to “General”
3. Scroll down and tap on “Profile”
4. Scroll down and click to “Delete Profile.”

Follow these three steps to remove your app from your mobile device completely.

How to Use OpenVPN Protocol

OpenVPN is an open-source protocol. It is the fastest and also most secure VPN protocol available. Many providers support OpenVPN and other protocols. However, none of the service providers include OpenVPN protocol onto their iPhone app. The reason is being that Apple requires an additional security check for any iOS app that includes OpenVPN.

However, it is possible to add OpenVPN to some VPNs. Follow these instructions to find out how to setup OpenVPN on iPhone:

1. Install OpenVPN Connect app on your iOS device
2. Download OpenVPN configuration files from your provider
3. Email configuration files to yourself or save it to your Dropbox
4. Open your email and Dropbox file and select OpenVPN Connect app to view the file
5. In the OpenVPN Connect app, scroll down and tap green “+” sign to add server profile into the app
6. Enter your credentials and tap to turn “Connection” ON
7. Your iOS device successfully connects to a Virtual Private Network server.

Now that you know what OpenVPN configuration is, you can add it for an extra layer of security and online anonymity, if possible.

Problems With Virtual Private Network

Just like other smartphone apps, you will likely come across to some bugs and challenges. Therefore in here, I will share with you some common VPN issues with iPhone and ways to fix it:

1. Switching Networks – the most common problems with Virtual Private Network on iPhone is when connection seems to get “stuck” when switching between different Wi-Fi networks or from Wi-Fi to a cellular data network. Although there isn’t permanent fix for this iPhone VPN issue, the best way to fix it is to cancel and retry connecting. Just launch your iPhone app, cancel the existing connection and try to reconnect. However, if that’s impossible, you can try to turn off VPN connection on configuration settings on your iPhone.

2. Cellular Data Network Connection – often when on the go, Virtual Private Network hang up can happen due to a cellular network switch. The easiest way to fit it is by resetting your cellular connection in your iOS settings. Go to “Settings,” then tap on “Cellular” and tap to slide “Cellular Data” off. Wait a few seconds and swipe to turn it back on.

3. Slow Network Connection – often VPN service slightly reduce network speed. However, if you experience very slow connection, then you can either try switching the location or close and reopen the app.

4. Problems with Wi-Fi – sometimes we assume that there is something wrong with the app. However, it is actually due to our unstable Wi-Fi network connection. Check your connection by trying other apps. If the Wi-Fi connection is stable, but the iPhone app isn’t working, then highly likely your VPN app is at fault.

5. App Crushing – although this is a very rare problem with VPN on iPhone, it isn’t impossible to experience it. If that happens, we advise you to resort the Virtual Private Network service or force restart your device. If the issue persists, highly likely that your provider is working on some bug fix and the updated version of the app should be released soon. Follow up with your VPN provider.

VPN That Works With iPhone

Many providers work with iPhone, however not all the VPN services offer excellent features and reliable connection. Therefore, here are some important features that Virtual Private Networks should have:

1. VPN iOS app
2. Strong encryption
3. Zero logs policy

These are some of the important features to look at when choosing a VPN for iOS devices.

ExpressVPN Review

Currently the best VPN available. It offers an excellent software for all the operating systems and devices, including a very good app for iOS. ExpressVPN provides a very strong encryption, and it is an incredibly secure service provider. Its iOS VPN app guarantees full anonymity to its users.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN has servers in more than 97 countries in the world, which makes it a perfect choice for users that are looking for a service to unblock sites and services from other countries. Also, ExpressVPN advantage is its zero logging policy, which means that it doesn’t track and record any of its users’ activities online.

NordVPN Review

Nord VPN is a perfect iOS VPN for people that are looking for a service with many security features. Some of the key features related to security and online privacy that NordVPN offers kill-switch, double encryption, and Tor.

Which is Best Free VPN?

VPN service is meant to protect user’s private data and information while connected to the Internet. Therefore, it is of particular importance to use a reliable and trusted service that will make sure to keep your information safe and secure from prying eyes.

Many free Virtual Private Network services aren’t good and shouldn’t be trusted as they track users’ activity and to monetise their business they sell the connected data to third parties like advertisers.

If you wish to sign up for a free VPN for iPhone, then the most important is to look out for other user reviews and read its privacy policy as well as terms and conditions.

There aren’t many good free providers, but the TunnelBear is probably the best of all. The only problem with TunnelBear is that it offers limited free data of 500MB of traffic per month. Therefore, if you are looking for a tool that you can use all the time, then you’ll have to sign up for TunnelBear paid plan which provides you with a lot more features. However, if you need a software that would give you extra protection just in certain moments during your internet access, then TunnelBear free service will be a perfect solution for you.


Virtual Private Network service becomes a necessity for people with smartphones. Therefore, in this article, we are looking at some of the best VPN services and how to set them up. The best iOS VPN are the ones that offer strong encryption, zero logging and a VPN app for iPhone and other iOS and Mac devices. Choose ExpressVPN or NordVPN for excellent service and anonymous internet browsing.