Best VPN for Gaming

<p class="p1">There are many ways how online gaming with VPN service provides a better gaming experience. Gaming VPN service allows its users to be the first to unlock new games, unblock censored games, unblock geographically restricted games, and unblock games at school. Furthermore, VPN for gaming lets you reduce ping time, improve lag time and also protect against cybercrime. Therefore, in this article, we share more information about what can a VPN for gaming consoles do and which are the best VPN for better gaming experience.</p>

How to Improve Online Gaming Experience with a VPN?

The popularity of online gaming has been increasing through the years. The gaming industry is not only competitive, but it also provides a positive impact on a player. Online gaming offers four types of positive impact on a gamer. Cognitive benefit improves players’ attention, focus and even reaction time. It provides a motivational benefit, encouraging incremental intelligence. Furthermore, it also has an emotional benefit that is gained through positive mood state. And finally, gamers gain social benefit from co-playing and multiplayer gameplay.

Gaining all of these benefits during online gaming is great. However, the experience can be reduced to players not being able to access the game they wish to play or due to slow network speeds. Therefore, below I’m going to share with you an ultimate guide to how using a Gaming VPN service you can access all the games from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, I will share with you which are our best VPN for better gaming experience.

New Unblocked Games

Most of the games globally get released to its users on the same day. However, due to the different time zones, in some countries, users can access and play games almost one day earlier than in other places. Therefore, if you want to be one of the first to play the game, you need a gaming VPN service.

Game VPN lets you change your location allowing you to unlock new games first. For example, if you are living in the USA and want to be one of the first to unblock a new game then you can connect to a VPN server in Australia. Therefore, you can play a new online game at least 15 hours earlier than your neighbor friends.

Our most recommended and best VPN for better gaming experience and accessing new online games from other locations is the ExpressVPN. Express VPN is a perfect VPN for gaming as it has servers over 90 countries around the world. Also, it provides ultra fast speeds.

Unlock Censored Games Online

Many people may be surprised to find out that depending on a geographic location, gaming experience can be affected by game’s version. In different regions, there are different alterations of the same game. Some countries censor out the violence in certain games.

For example, in Germany, if you play Left 4 Dead then you’ll notice that the zombie’s blood is replaced with some type of dark and an oily substance. Difficult to believe? Well, it is a reality in many countries.

However, you can use a gaming VPN to change your region to another location where the same game is available without alterations. The best is to connect to a US VPN server as it can provide you with the best uncensored gaming experience.

Unblock Games From Different Regions

Similarly like you can unblock new and censored games, you can also use a VPN service to unblock games from different regions. For example, some countries have banned some games. In countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE, you won’t be able to play L.A. Noire and Heavy Rain but in China games like Battlefield 4 and Command & Conquer Generals and unavailable unless you change your IP address to another location where the game is available.

VPN service works as the best IP changer. Connect to a VPN server in a country where the game is available and enjoy the unrestricted gaming experience.

Ivacy VPN is another best VPN for better gaming experience. Ivacy has servers in more than 100 locations. Therefore, it allows you to get an IP address from many places in the world and unblock games from many different regions.

Unblocked Games at a School

Due to potential distraction, many schools and education institutions use filters to block online games and other Internet content. Not only students but also teachers themselves are unable to access games and other websites on a school network.

Using a VPN service allows users to circumvent internet filters and enjoy the better online gaming experience. Use a VPN service to connect to a nearby location; it will let you bypass any restrictions and play online games at school.

Reduce Ping for Online Games

VPN for games not only allows you to unblock games that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise, but it also lets you reduce ping for gaming. Therefore, by reducing ping time, you will experience uninterrupted and speed up gaming experience.

Protect Against Cybercrime

How many gamers associate online gaming with cyber crimes? Well, not that many. However, reality is different. Many online players don’t think about their online security while playing online games nor when purchasing it.

Many online gamers have experienced DDOS attacks by players from the other side. But there are also internet hackers that can easily access more sensitive information. Furthermore, it can be credit card related information that is used for purchasing the game.

Using a VPN for gaming can significantly reduce a risk of compromising your personal and financial information.


VPN service provides many benefits for online gamers. Starting from unblocking new and censored games, to getting access to games at school. In addition, VPN allows reducing ping time, which improves the quality of the gaming. Plus, your identity will be secure when using a VPN while gaming. On the list above you can find a list of the best VPN for better gaming experience.