Bypass Censorship and Unblock Sites with Malaysia VPN

If you live in Malaysia or travel there, then you have multiple reasons to get a Virtual Private Network service. One of the main reasons for signing up to a VPN for Malaysia is to bypass censorship and unblock sites. There are many local and international websites and services blocked. The best services provide you with a Malaysian server and an IP from Malaysia. With a Malaysia VPN, you can unblock even most popular foreign websites and services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix US, and others.

Malaysia Censorship

Unblock Content With Malaysian VPN

Internet censorship in Malaysia is getting worse each year. Only within the past one-year, its government has blocked more than ten websites. Blocked sites include internet news and even private blogs. Those are sites that have published articles related to Prime Minister Najib tun Razak scandalous dealings with millions in funds. Malaysia’s government continues taking more power over Internet Service Providers and its netizens by blocking local sites and content.

Unblock Sites in Malaysia

Internet censorship isn’t the only reason why in Malaysia’s many websites and services are blocked. Website blocks also happen due to geographic restrictions. Many sites and on-demand services are only available in its home country. For example, BBC iPlayer is accessible only to the internet users in the United Kingdom. If you live in abroad, you cannot watch BBC iPlayer unless you change your IP address to a UK one. It’s the same with many other online services.

Change Your IP Address

If you wish to bypass censorship and thus unblock websites, then the best tool to have is an IP changer. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is considerate as one of the best IP changers. It not only allows you to hide and change your IP address but also it encrypts your data. It vpenables you to stay anonymous and keep connections internet access and online identity secure.

Get Malaysian IP Address

VPN service is the best tool for IP changing; it allows you to get IP addresses from almost anywhere in the world. Also, you can get the IP address in Malaysia if you connect to a Malaysia server.

Some of the best uses of a new IP address:

  1. Bypass censorship
  2. Keep anonymous and protect your online identity
  3. Unblock Malaysian websites when traveling
  4. Unblock websites and services at school and workplace
  5. Download files securely using torrents

Bypass Censorship in Malaysia

Malaysia has one of the toughest censorship regulations in the world. Regularly local media websites and content are blocked by the authorities. Also often the same happens with international sites and services. Therefore, VPN software lets users connect to secure VPN servers in Malaysia. It also changes users’ IP address which allows to bypass censorship and unblocks sites that are blocked by the authorities.

Keep Anonymous Online

Malaysian authorities are not only controlling websites and content that its netizens can access. It’s also controlling who those people that regularly post “harmful” content are. Therefore, when living in so censored country, it is important to take all the precautions and make sure you stay anonymous and protect your online identity. Using a Virtual Private Network service you can hide your internet identity by changing your IP address.

Unblock Malaysian Websites

If you are often traveling, then you should already know that many of your favorite Malaysian websites and services are unavailable outside of the country. These sites are restricted due to Geo-restrictions. However, VPN lets you connect to a VPN server Malaysia and get a new IP. It allows you to unblock any websites, content, and services from any part of the world.

Unblock Websites at School and Work

Just like many schools want to keep students’ full attention on studies, many workplaces want to make sure that their employees are focused on work and stay productive while at work. However, nowadays to perform their tasks better many students and staff need to access websites and services that their management blocks. It might take a lot of effort for students and even employees to convince its IT department to change the regulations. Therefore the easiest way to bypass these filters is to use a Virtual Private Network software. Change your IP address and access any blocked sites while at school or work.

Use Torrents Securely

Most of the people instead of spending time and money at a music store or a DVD shop, prefer to download music and movies using torrents. However, in most of the countries downloading copyrighted material is illegal and the user can be charged significant penalties by not respecting the laws. But with a VPN, you can connect to a server that allows P2P. In this way, you can keep anonymous and protect yourself when using torrents to download copyrighted files.

10 Best VPN for Malaysia Providers

Best VPN for Malaysia

There are a lot of service providers available. You can choose between free VPN and paid ones. But how to know which is the best for Malaysia? The most reliable and the best Virtual Private Network provider is ExpressVPN. It has servers all around the world, including servers in Malaysia. It ensures the internet privacy by hiding your IP address and your location. Also, it encrypts data and provides you with an internet anonymity.

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Another excellent choice is SpyOff. Although it is relatively new VPN provider, it offers very stable VPN connection and fast speeds. If you want to try out, you can sign up for its free VPN trial.

How to Get a VPN?

To get a Virtual Private Network, all you have to do is to pick one that matches your needs. Visit provider’s website and make a purchase. After the purchase, you will be able to download and install VPN software on your computer. You can even get apps for your mobile devices.

Once you have installed and set up the software, you can connect to any of the available servers. Most of the VPN Malaysia providers allow you to use their service on several devices simultaneously.

How to Unblock Netflix

If you wish to unblock Netflix US in the Malaysia, you can install VPN software and connect to a server in the USA. Then go to Netflix website; it reads your new USA IP address and gives permission to watch Netflix in Malaysia.


Virtual Private Network is one of the best IP changer tools available. It protects and keeps your data safe online. Also, it unblocks sites and services that stream live events.

Furthermore, it lets you connect to a server in another country, encrypts your data and changes your IP address. The best VPNs are ExpressVPN and SpyOff. If you wish to unblock sites in Malaysia, you can also try ZenMate.

All of these VPN providers let you get Malaysia IP address and bypass internet censorship. However, one of the best Malaysian VPN is Boleh VPN. Unfortunately, it isn’t as reliable as the other previously mentioned VPN providers.