Best VPN Services for USA

We review the best Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for United States of America that will give you complete privacy, anonymity and secure internet browsing at very affordable prices. Our list of best US VPNs is compiled so you can easy find and download great VPN software with fast and reliable servers in many locations around the globe. VPN service provider encrypts your data and hide your IP address, allowing to protect your internet identity and unblock geo-restricted content from China, Australia, Canada, US, UAE and the UK. Connecting to a VPN network you can also use torrents to download your favourite movies and tv-shows for free. If you are looking for a USA VPN then our recommendation list will be helpful to make the right purchasing decision.

Internet users in the United States

Although the USA is one of the most allied countries around the world. But if you compare the speed, availability and the affordability of the internet broadband networks, then you see that it has fallen behind many other as developed countries as the US. Regardless of the high internet adoption costs, 80 percent of the United States citizens are subscribing to home or smartphone based internet services (as of 2013).

USA limits on content, blocking and filtering

Access of information and data on the web is typically free from the government compound in the USA, there are no government created filtering system that would affect online content on the internet networks. Usually United States government doesn’t block online websites and content.

However, sometimes internet users come across to few government enforced restrictions on the accessible internet content. Also, some of the states public schools and libraries are required to install a software that allows to filter and block nasty, illegal and destructive content.

There are also number of illegal online contents that are blocked, it includes child pornography as well as some content that contravene on copyright heated within US.

Why do you need a US VPN service

Although there isn’t high level of online censorship in the USA, it’s still important to protect your personal data and identity when surfing internet. No one is protected from internet hackers or any spying eye unless you get a VPN software that blocks any third party from accessing your internet activities. The best VPN for US will allow you to connect to any website or mobile app without worrying about being monitored or hacked online. Using a USA VPN it will encrypt your data, hide your registered IP address and shield your location which will allow you not just surf internet anonymously but also access geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world. The best VPN USA will let you to watch Netflix, NBC, HBO, Hulu, ABC Network and listen Pandora radio even from outside of the United States.

Unlock all US websites with a VPN software

Many internet streaming websites that are based in the United States are very desired, but blocked due to geographical restrictions in other countries. Some of the websites include Netflix (since 2016 it offers subscription in many countries outside the USA however the content is limited in comparison to Netflix USA offerings), Fox, HBO Go, ABS Family, CBS and many others. If you travel overseas and wish to access some of those websites without VPN USA it won’t be possible.

P2P file sharing and Torrenting

Another very popular feature that VPN US offers is file sharing and downloading movies for free. If you like to use torrent software like uTorrent, then you are in a high risk as in many countries downloading content online is illegal. Subscribing with some of the best VPN providers will allow you to hide your IP, connect to a server in another country where torrenting is legal and you won’t have anything to worry about.

How does TenBestVPNs rank the best VPN for US Service

There are hundreds of VPN providers available, TenBestVPNs team has tested and used most of them. We review and recommend only the best and reliable VPNs available. This is based on the number of VPN servers, IP addresses and locations it offers, the more locations are covered the more content can be accessed. We also rate the connectivity and the speed, to be able enjoy streaming movies online or downloading using a torrent the speed has to be outstanding so the experience is magnificent.

Another important thing we look at is how easy the software is and if it’s user-friendly on all compatible devices like computer and mobile phones. We also review the customer service and technical support, what are other VPN features and customer feedback. After serious tests, research and consideration list top VPN service providers for each category.

The best VPN USA

Some of the best VPN for USA include those that have many VPN servers in the US itself. Some of the best VPN providers have servers in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Miami, Dallas and Atlanta and other cities. It is important that VPN software can connect to servers in overseas, so you can enjoy other geo-restricted content from other countries, like BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Other important features VPN provider to have:

  • Fast and simple access through VPN anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switching
  • A lot of IP addresses
  • Must have several encryption protocols. Some of the most popular include – PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN
  • VPN software compatibility on the computer – Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • VPN app compatibility with mobile devices – Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Manual setup for Chromebook, Ebook Readers, Streaming media console, VPN router and NAS
  • Good customer service and technical support, all the best US VPN have 24/7 live chat, contact form or email support
  • Well explained VPN software and app tutorials and FAQs
  • Several payment options, including private ones like Bitcoin
  • Refund policy, some of the best VPNs offer 30 days, 15 days or 7 days money back guarantee
  • How many devices can connect simultaneously with one VPN account. If it’s possible to connect all following devices:PC/Mac, Smart Phone/Tablet, Console (Smart TV and Apple TV, PS4, Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, WD TV, Boxee Box and others.


Although in the United States of America, censorship isn’t a real problem, the problem of online hackers still exist. To protect your private information online sign up with one of the best USA VPNs to keep your data safe and internet activities private. With a VPN for USA you can also access online content anywhere and from any place in the world.

Some of our suggestions for the best US VPN include: ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, IPVanish, StrongVPN, SaferVPN and PureVPN. To read more about each of them you can access review pages and well as compare VPNs page.