Best VPN for Online Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting is hugely popular around the world; many companies are offering online sites to place a bet for favorite sports teams. However, in the past years, many countries have toughened their regulations regards online sports betting. Some countries have even completely banned betting sites. Therefore, many people around the world are looking for the options to unblock online betting sites. If you are one of them, then here in this article, you will learn how does the best VPN for online sports betting sites can help you to gain access to otherwise unavailable sites.

What Are The Best Betting Sites

The UK is the best place for online sports betting. British regulations in regards to online betting and gambling is a lot more easygoing than in the other countries. Therefore, most of the best sports betting sites are in the UK, but there are numerous excellent sites from other nations.

If you are new to sports betting then here we have a list of the best sports betting sites available. All of these sports betting sites are legitimate and are regulated by the Gambling Commission of the UK.


Bet365 is one of the most popular UK online sports betting sites. It has a great selection of sports available; it offers partial cash payouts and big bonuses. Bet365 offers live betting, and it is also mobile friendly. It has over 14 million customers from over 200 countries. However, it doesn’t accept players from the USA.


Betway is Malta’s best online sports betting site. It also has one of the most comprehensive sports betting options. Betway is known for its football betting service. However, it has also other sports categories like basketball, darts and horse racing betting.

It has over 30 thousand markets available, plus it is mobile friendly.

William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill is the most well known online sports betting site in Canada. It was established in 1934. Ever since then their popularity has grown, and its live betting product is known for its excellent structure. William Hill Canada also offer excellent customer service and plenty of deposit options. Also, the mobile site is user-friendly, and it allows users to place their wagers on the go from anywhere.


10Bet is another popular sports betting site from Malta. It has a very straight forward live betting interface, and its mobile app has some amazing features. 10Bet organized over 25 thousand live betting events every month.

10Bet is available for Canadian and British users. However, it is unavailable to US residents.


MyBookie is Costa Rican online sports betting site. IT is known for its Sportsbook as it uses a very popular software. MyBookie is also very mobile friendly.

ByBookie is allowed live betting to US citizens. Furthermore, MyBookie offers live sports betting on NFL Football, College Football, NBA Basketball, College Basketball, WNBA, NHL and many other traditional American and international sports tournaments.


BetOnline is well established Panama-based online sports betting site. It offers many types of lifetime guaranteed bonuses. BetOnline mobile site is as user-friendly as their website.

BetOnline is available to US citizens. Therefore it offers one of the widest selection of live sports betting. It involves some of the most popular sports such as NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, Premier League, Champions League, Tennis, Horse Racing and much more.

Why Am I Blocked From Online Betting

Before we go into how to get access to those sites, it’s important to understand the causes of online gambling ban.

Unfortunately, most of the previously mentioned live sports betting sites are prohibited in the USA, Turkey, China and most Middle-east countries. Many countries around the world prohibit online sports betting due to strict gambling laws. Many countries around the world aren’t as liberal as the UK when it comes to the gambling.

Now that you know why you are unable from online betting access, it’s important to understand how do you get blocked and what can you do to unblock online sports betting sites from anywhere in the world.

When you visit a betting site, it can recognize your location by reading your IP address. The IP address is your identity number online. It is given to you by your Internet network provider. Therefore, based on your IP location online betting site can decide whether to give you access on not.

If you are living in the US and trying to access a betting site that is available only in the UK, then your access will be forbidden. Therefore, the best way to unblock online sports betting sites is by changing your IP address to the UK.

The best IP changers are VPN service providers. In the following sections, I will explain what is a VPN and name you some of the best VPN for online sports betting sites.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It is a tool that works as an IP changer. With a VPN service, you can connect to a server in other parts of the world. By doing so, it will hide your original IP address and provide you with a new IP address. By getting a new IP address, any website that you visit will recognize as you being from the location where you have connected to.

So, if you are living in the USA and want to unblock Bet365, then you should use a VPN server to connect to the UK server. VPN service will change your IP to the UK and allow you access to any websites in the UK that traditionally would be unavailable.

Now that you know what a VPN service is, I will share you what the best VPN for online sports betting sites are. Also, I will share a step by step guide on how to change your IP with a VPN service.

Best Sports Betting VPNs

There are many VPN service providers. However, not all the VPN services are suitable for all the purposes. Therefore, below is a list of the best VPN for online sports betting sites.


ExpressVPN is our top VPN service, provider. Not only it is the best VPN for online sports betting sites, but it is the best VPN service for most of the purposes.

ExpressVPN has servers in over 90 countries, which makes it an excellent choice if you want to unblock sport betting sites from other locations.

Other ExpressVPN features include user-friendly apps for all the major devices. 256-bit encryption which makes your internet surfing extra secure. Furthermore, ExpressVPN provides fantastic customer service, and it has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Find out more about by checking out Express VPN review.


Nord VPN is another great VPN for online sports betting sites. The reason for being on this list is its double data encryption and extremely fast servers in over 57 countries around the world.

Other NordVPN advantages include an automatic kill switch, DNS leak resolver and mobile apps for iOS and Android. The main NordVPN disadvantage is some connection issues, including slow connection speeds.

If you wish to learn more, then read our Nord VPN review.


Ivacy VPN is our third pick for the best VPN for online sports betting sites. Being one of the best VPNs in this list, it is due to its incredible global presence. Ivacy has servers in over 100 locations around the world.

Some other Ivacy VPN features include split tunneling feature, internet kill switch and software for all the major devices. Unfortunately, Ivacy doesn’t have that great refund policy, and sometimes its speeds aren’t that good either.

Learn more by reading Ivacy VPN review.

How to Use a VPN for Online Sports Betting Sites

Using a VPN service is easy. However, before you sign up for a VPN, you should decide which sports betting site you will need to access. If you try to unblock Bet365, then you’ll need a VPN service with servers in the UK. Once you have determined the location where the betting site is available, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign up to a VPN service. Your chosen VPN needs to have servers in the country where you try to unblock sports betting site.

Step 2: Download and install VPN client. Decide which device you’ll use to unblock sports betting sites and get the software set up.

Step 3: Log in and connect to a VPN server. Look for a server in the country where the betting is allowed.

Step 4: Visit your intended sports betting site and place your bids for your favorite team.


Although online betting is illegal in many places in the world, there are ways how to unblock sports betting sites from the countries where it is allowed. If you wish to unblock betting sites like Bet365 from the UK, Malta, Canada or some other country, then the easiest is by using a VPN service. Some of the best VPN for online sports betting sites include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Ivacy. All of these VPN service providers have strong encryption and servers in many locations. Therefore, they are perfect for unblocking online betting sites from anywhere in the world.