10 Best VPN Service Singapore

Our reviewed VPN for Singapore companies provide you with servers inside Singapore so you can keep your identity private.  They are all reputable companies that we have reviewed independently. They have VPN software and apps available for most operating systems including Windows, OS, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Singapore Internet Penetration

Although it is one of the countries with most internet Singapore users (73 percent of its population used the internet in 2013), it has by far the least freedom of speech and expression even in its online space.

It is due to Singapore’s politics. The 1959 Singapore elections when the People’s Action Party (PAP) came to power and had been returning in every general election since then. During these years PAP has censored the freedom of expression and speech. It has restricted all types of multimedia activities related to the government to be presented on the TV, films, music, and internet.

Internet censorship is prevalent. Singapore government restricts access to many websites. Especially sites which contents are associated with homosexuality, bi-sexual and adult material. Also, sites that are related to gambling and news content that assault Singapore government for its actions.

The Singapore government likes to know what its citizens like to do and learn what their online activities are. All their actions are monitored and recorded. That is because the Singapore government want to keep their authority save without any challenges by their people.

What is a VPN?

Best VPN for Singapore Services

Virtual Private Network is an excellent way to get around censorship. You can protect your data and internet identity using public wireless connections. Furthermore, you can unblock geo-restricted multimedia sites like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora Internet Radio and others.

VPN internet service provides you with a new IP address. You can choose to connect to another IP address in Singapore or a server in another country.

The best is to pick a country with little or no internet censorship. The VPN connection and traffic is encrypted allowing you to safely surf the internet without being monitored by your government or spied by another third party.

10 Best VPN Singapore Services

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Singapore has an excellent base of VPN servers from different providers, and they aren’t required to store user logs and online activity. However, taking in consideration the political situation we recommend Singaporeans and their guests connecting to servers outside of Singapore.

One of the best choices is Hong Kong; it is the most uncensored place in South East Asia. It allows VPN companies and servers to guarantee its users’ total internet privacy. The downside of using servers in Hong Kong is the connection speed performance may not be the highest.

If your primary use of a Singapore VPN is to unblock websites from the USA, then the best is to connect to servers that would guarantee higher speed.

Top Singapore Service Reviews

  • VyprVPN – has over 700 servers, including in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and other locations within South East Asia
  • ExpressVPN – offers servers in over 100 cities in 78 countries, including Singapore and Hong Kong
  • SaferVPN – offers over 150 servers within 24 global locations. It doesn’t have any servers in Singapore however you may connect to a server based in Hong Kong or any other server, and your fast connection is assured.
  • PureVPN – offers over 500 servers in over 141 countries around the world, including Singapore and Hong Kong
  • StrongVPN – offers about 250 servers all over the world, including Singapore where they have two servers and Hong Kong with five servers there.
  • IronSocket – with over 50 locations in 36 countries, Singapore users can connect to servers in their own country or other places in Asia such as Hong Kong, Jakarta, Seoul, Bangkok and more.
  • HideMyAss – offers over 933 servers in 190 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and few other Asian countries
  • IPVanish – offers more than 400 servers in more than 60 countries, including 13 servers in Singapore, 3 in Hong Kong as well as having servers in Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur.
  • Buffered – offers servers in 25 countries, including in Singapore
  • Private Internet Access – provides servers in 24 countries around the globe, including Singapore and Hong Kong


Singapore severely suffers from freedom of speech, expression and active internet censorship. Also, it can be problematic to access many online contents which are blocked by the Singapore government. To get around these restrictions, sign up with one of our above-recommended VPN proxy service providers that have servers in Singapore or Hong Kong which will let you use another IP address and gain full anonymity online.


Singapore government authorities, respectively the Ministry of Law (MinLaw) and the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) have proposed to review the Copyright Act and outlaw usage of VPN service in Singapore. MinLaw has launched a public consultation to gather feedback from Singapore citizens. The feedback gathering will last for two months and will end on 24 October 2016. Many Singapore citizens are against the VPN ban as it’s an integral part of modern technology, which is used by many large corporations. Therefore, there’s a need for another approach to a VPN ban and its restrictions.