Stay Anonymous and Unblock Sites with Indonesia VPN

We compare and recommend the best VPN for Indonesia. All of our suggested service providers have servers in Indonesia. Also, it provides easy to use software for Windows and Mac computers as well as mobile applications for Android and iPhone. By using a VPN Indonesia, you can bypass censorship and unblock websites that are geo-restricted. You can keep your internet data and activities safe and secure. In this article, we also provide you with some valuable tips that you should consider when you choose a VPN.

Internet users in Indonesia

Although smartphone users in Indonesia are growing, the internet penetration is still below 30 percent. Internet penetration is low mainly because of the geographical conditions of Indonesia archipelago. Indonesia has 18,307 islands. Therefore it was difficult to provide proper connections everywhere, especially in rural areas.

The internet use has been increasing in the past years. Based on the International Telecommunication Union, it was 17.14 percent in 2014 and 14.94 percent in 2013.

Mobile phone penetration is much higher. In 2014 it was 127 percent, and smartphone penetration was 21 percent. Due to reasonable prices of smartphones, it’s more popular to use the internet on a smartphone than on a computer. Phones with Android operating systems cost as low as

Phones with Android operating systems cost as low as the US $30. Indonesians spend approximately five hours a day browsing the internet. Prepaid smartphone subscription packages cost only US$0.50 per day to $2.50 per month. Therefore fixed line internet subscribers have significantly reduced.

Most of the Internet users based in the central cities are in Jakarta and Sumatra. Little internet usage outside of the major cities is due to poor infrastructure across the country.

Indonesia’s Content Filtering

ISPs control the censorship in Indonesia. Although there are few serious regulations in place, in practice it’s very inconsistent. Indonesia is second biggest Muslim country. Therefore, it’s not shocking that it doesn’t support any content related to pornography and religious criticism. In 2008, Indonesia passed legislation that was harshly criticized by many human rights activists. This regulation would penalize anyone who’s damaging reputation of someone with or without intention in the online space. Anyone who’s found guilty has to face six years in prison and a huge fine.

In 2010, the Indonesia government announced the Regulation on Multimedia Content. This law requires the local ISPs to block any content related to pornography, false information, hate provocation, confrontation of violence, gambling sites, and others. Luckily, it still hasn’t been approved due to the high public opposition to this legislation.

VPN for Indonesia

Best Indonesia VPN Service

One of the best ways to bypass Indonesia’s government censorship is to use a VPN secure software. Virtual Private Network service works by encrypting your online data that flows between your device and a VPN server. In this way, no one including your ISP cannot see your internet activities. Neither it can be tracked or monitored.

Most of the providers in South East Asia have servers either in Singapore or Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, there’s little internet censorship. Also, it doesn’t have any mandatory data retention schemes.

Hong Kong’s laws make it a beautiful place for VPN providers to set their servers there. It’s also, of course, crucial for internet users to connect to a server that provides such a robust security online.

On the other hand, Singapore is closer. Therefore the lag time can be shorter. While it also has stricter internet regulations in comparison to Hong Kong.

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Unblock Global Content

A Virtual Private Network connection not only helps you to bypass censorship in your country, but it also provides access to internationally blocked content. There are a lot of popular services from countries like the USA and the UK which are blocked in other nations.

Some of the most popular sites that VPN software can unblock are BBC iPlayer, Rara, MTV, Deezer, Netflix, iTV Player, Eurosport, Vevo, USA Network, Global TV, Pandora, Spotify, HBO Go, CWTV, TV Tokyo, Amazon Prime, Bravo, ProSieben, Sport1, Star TV, Xfinity, NHL, CBS, Demand 5, Arte, Sat.1, Film1, MLB, STV, Hulu, UK TV, Much Music, City TV, Canal+, Pluzz, D17, TV Asahi, Vox, AT5, TV Lab, FOX, NBC, 4OD, RTL and CBC from anywhere in the world.

Unblock Indonesian Sites

If you are traveling or based outside of the Indonesia, then most likely you would experience restrictions when trying to access many Indonesian websites and services. Most of the Indonesian TV sites impose Geo-restrictions on its content. That means that its video content is not available outside of Indonesia.

With a VPN, you can easily unblock any Indonesian sites from anywhere in the world. With a VPN, you can access and watch TV channels no matter where in the world you are based.

Torrenting and P2P Filesharing

As you may know, the regulations about file sharing and content downloading online vary from place to place. Some countries are stringent and have made it illegal. An Indonesian VPN service can hide your registered IP address. You can also get Indonesian IP address provided by your Virtual Private Network company.

By connecting to different locations, you can pick a place where to register your new IP address. Therefore, you can connect to a server which is more torrent friendly. One of the most torrent friendly places is Switzerland.

Based on their regulations, it is legal to download files online as long as it’s only for a personal use and not for making any profits. Also, it is safe to use torrents in Spain. There are other torrent friendly places; it includes Canada, The Netherlands, and Mexico.

Tips for Selecting Service Provider

If you are looking to stream videos and access blocked sites, then you should consider the following tips before signing up to a VPN Indonesia.

Server Location

The VPN service lets you connect to a server in a different location. It also provides you with an IP address of the location you have connected.

Depending on your needs, you may require faster speeds. If you wish to stream videos, then you will want to have a server closer to your actual location. A closer location will provide you with faster speed.

If you would like to unblock sites from other locations, then you will need a VPN server in the place where there are no limits on access.

So, if you live outside of the Indonesia, then you may want to unblock sites from Indonesia. Therefore, it’s important to get a service with VPN server Indonesia.

Speed Limits

Some providers offer their service with a speed restriction. The best is to get a service that doesn’t limit your speed, so you can use video streaming services without experiencing speed loss.

Bandwidth Restrictions

Bandwidth is another essential VPN feature. If you are getting a Virtual Private Network for watching videos online, then it might be especially important to get a service that doesn’t have any bandwidth limitations. Pay attention to this when choosing your Virtual Private Network.


Encryption is crucial if you intend to use VPN to protect your online identity and stay anonymous. It will provide you security when surfing the internet. Most of the service providers offer 128-bit encryption. However, we recommend looking out for a VPN service with 256-bit encryption because it is more reliable and secure data.

Privacy Policy

Before buying a VPN, make sure you familiarize yourself with a service privacy policy as it is an important factor for your security. If the provider doesn’t keep logs that mean that it offers the best level of online safety.


The best Indonesia VPN providers come with a small monthly, bi-yearly and yearly subscription fee. Remember, that excellent services are never free, so be careful if you plan to sign up for a free VPN service.

Money Back Policy

Most of the best providers offer a money back guarantee. Money back guarantee serves you as an excellent way to test the service for up to 30 days. However, if you are not satisfied with the service, then make sure to cancel it before the money back guarantee expires.

Free Trial

Some companies offer a free VPN trial, which is the best way you can test it and make sure that the VPN serves the purpose you intend using it for.

File Sharing

If you want to get a service to make your torrenting more secure and anonymous, then you should make sure that your provider allows file sharing on its servers. Some of the VPNs prohibit this activity on its servers.

Customer Support

Another important thing to look at before selecting a VPN, especially if it is your first time using such service. Many providers offer live 24-hour chat on its website allowing you to reach the support team and solve the problem fast quickly.


Virtual Private Network is the best tool to bypass internet censorship, unblock websites and download movies and TV-shows using torrents. It also allows to stream live events like Formula One, English Premier League, World and Euro Cup.  It is also good for keeping your gaming experience safe and reliable. The best Virtual Private Networks encrypt your data, and it does not keep any logs. As a result, keeping you protected from any third party, even your ISP. Choose one of the best VPN services for use in Indonesia and access the internet the way you like.