Best No Log VPN Service Provider

Many people around the world are looking for tools to protect their internet identity and keep their online activities anonymous. One of the best tools to have is a Virtual Private Network. However, not all VPNs are good to keep your online privacy safe and secure. Therefore, in this article, we are looking at the best no log VPN service providers available today.

What is Non Logging VPN?

Providers with strict policies are those services that do not track and record its user’s online activity. They are known as Virtual Private Network service with no logs. Because they don’t collect users’ data and activities, it is the best way to avoid data retention regulations. Furthermore, zero-logs companies have no data to share with authorities even if it was officially requested.

There are also some Virtual Private Network companies that track and keep some of the users’ data. For example, some providers monitor and record only connection data, but some only VPN usage records. Therefore it is important to familiarize yourself with the providers’ privacy policy before start using it.

What Do Logs Show?

Some Virtual Private Networks claim that it is mandatory for them to collect users data to provide custom high-quality service, fast speeds, good performance and strong reliability.

Therefore, your Virtual Private Network provider might store information either about your connection or usage records.

Connection Logs

Connection logs are used mainly for troubleshooting technical problems related to connection issues. Therefore, it is relatively harmless for the user. Connection logs include information like:

  • User’s original IP address
  • User’s new IP address
  • Beginning and end of the VPN session
  • Total data transfer amount

Usage Logs

Collection of VPN connections usage records are where things start to look bad for a user. Most of the trusted and reliable providers do not track usage data. However, many free VPNs do record user’s online activities, and exchange collected data in exchange for money. VPN usage logs include the following information:

  • User’s browsing activities, including visited websites
  • Downloaded files
  • Used applications and other services like Netflix, Kodi, uTorrent, etc.

Some Virtual Private Networks keep usage data for up to 2 years, some only for a few weeks.

Which VPN Keeps No Logs

Although there are quite many VPNs that according to their privacy policy don’t keep any records, companies that are located in a country where legal jurisdiction requires mandatory data retention are by law required to keep logs.

So, which services don’t keep records? Typically providers that are based outside of countries that are affiliated with mass surveillance are a better choice than in countries where there are laws in place to collect customers data. Countries with strict data retention laws include USA, Australia, UK and other EU countries.

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Above mentioned VPNs are great choices if you are looking for a service without logs. For example, NordVPN is perfect service because of its strict privacy policy and because it is located in Panama. Furthermore, it provides double data encryption making sure that customers are entirely anonymous online.

Nord VPN free of logs service

Most people who are looking for a Virtual Private Network software are interested in protecting their internet identity and keeping their online data and traffic private. However, many people don’t know that by using an unreliable service may cost them to face authorities in charge of data retention jurisdictions or even worst case internet hackers can steal their credit card details or sell their private information to cyber criminals’ black market.

Ivacy VPN is another great no logging software. It is sworn to keep its users fully secure and anonymous. IvacyVPN doesn’t track any user activities which are clearly laid out in its privacy policy. Also, Ivacy is perfect for anonymity because it is located in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, there are no mandatory data retention laws. That means that Ivacy is not required to keep records of its user’s activity.

Fastest VPN No Logs

There are some situations when it really is necessary to have a fast internet connection. Most often people who are streaming video or downloading torrents require to have a decent speed otherwise the streaming quality can be affected negatively.

Therefore, when picking a Virtual Private Network, it is also important to make sure that it will provide fast network speeds and won’t slow down the video. The fastest and best VPN with no logs service is an ExpressVPN. It has servers in more than 94 countries around the world. Also, it provides military grade encryption which allows Express VPN to outrank any other softwares. ExpressVPN also offers remarkable performance; the speed drop is within the norm (not more than 15%) and rare connection interruptions. It gives the best streaming experience for people that enjoy watching movies or streaming live sports online.

ExpressVPN; the best VPN service

Best Free VPN No Logging Service

Typically we don’t recommend signing up for free service. Mainly it is because of the security issues that it can cause. As we know, to maintain an excellent service requires resources such as workforce. Therefore, to provide an excellent and reliable service the employee has to be entitled to a salary for the work done.

How does a free service can afford to pay salary to its staff? Usually, it comes from advertising or data collection. Most of the free Virtual Private Networks collect users data and sell it to other parties. Therefore, it already makes it dangerous to use a free Virtual Private Network.

However, there is one provider that offers limited free service with only a few VPN servers. TunnelBear is a service provider that doesn’t keep records, but it provides a service with 500MB of free data every month.

TunnelBear; The Best Free No Record VPN Service

It is hard to compare TunnelBear with other free providers. The reason is that it makes money and can maintain excellent service from its paying subscribers. Many free service users convert after a while because they require more data than TunnelBear VPN free plan offers them.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best free VPN with no logs, try out TunnelBear free service.


When choosing a Virtual Private Network service provider is a crucial task. You need to make sure that it doesn’t collect users’ activity data. Therefore, here in this article, we explained what exactly is a zero-logging service and which are the best Virtual Private Networks that don’t keep any logs.