Best Free Trial VPN 2017

We compare and review the best VPNs with a free trial and money back guarantee period. Our compared VPNs provide easy to use VPN software for Windows and Mac as well as a <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">mobile</a> phone app for the iPhone as well as <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Android</a> operating systems. Our recommended VPN providers will allow you to browse the internet securely and bypass censorship. You can take advantage of the free VPN trial of some of the service providers as well as enjoy money back guarantee policy from most of the top VPN providers for a time up to 30 days.

VPN software is a great tool for protecting your online privacy, securing your wireless connection as well as letting you to appear somewhere else than your original location (which is an excellent way of unblocking geo-restricted websites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Fox, BBC iPlayer and others).

As most of the services, also VPN is best of it’s use when you sign up for a full feature package. Many of us, before subscribing and paying upfront money for a service that we aren’t familiar with, are a bit reluctant. We wish to be able to test the service before subscribing for a longer term version. While there are only few good VPN providers that offer free trial and most of the time they are offering one to three day trial, then we have added to the list the best VPNs that offer money back guarantee. So you can use a VPN for up to one month and if you are unhappy with the service they will not question you in case you decide to quit the service. There are also some companies that offer free VPN however the features usually are limited and it offers limited severs locations.

What is a VPN

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, it’s a method that encrypts your internet traffic using a VPN tunnel protocol like OpenVPN, PPTP, IPsec and others. This process allows you to suit internet securely and keep your internet anonymity well protected.

Unlock sites and content with a VPN

VPN encrypts your internet traffic, it allows you to connect to a server in a different location and hide your IP address so that you can appear in a different country than you actually are. This allows you to unblock geo-restricted content as well as content that has been blocked by your government. Some of the countries with the most serious censorship include China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Singapore and others. With a VPN connection you can bypass the censorship and access all restricted websites and services without the worry of being recognised. Some of the services that previously mentioned countries typically block are VoIP providers like Skype, Whatsapp, dating and gambling websites as well as sites that offer latest movies and TV shows online – Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Fox and others.

P2P file sharing and torrenting

In many countries file sharing and downloading using torrent is banned. Using a VPN including free VPN trial you can bypass these restrictions and download your favourite music or movies without a risk of being prosecuted by your own authorities.

Best VPN

There are many VPNs that can be found online, but only a few are truly reliable when it comes to its features and functionality. Some of the best VPNs have been considered those that been in the industry for a while and have many server locations available. It also has to offer many IP addresses for users to switch as well as easy to set up encryption protocols. VPN providers also have to offer manual setup for devices like VPN routers, E-book readers, streaming media consoles, as well as NAS. Another important feature that great VPN service provider hold is a customer service and technical support accessibility, only the best VPN proxy providers offer 24/7 support. When you subscribe to a VPN you also want to have a secure and anonymous payment method, many of the best VPNs offer Bitcoin as a payment option.

Best free trial VPN

ExpressVPN 30 day trial

We have compiled a list of the best VPN providers that offer free trial and money back guarantee. For example,VyprVPN offer 3 day free trial, ExpressVPN doesn’t have a free VPN trial, but it has 30 day long money back guarantee, also StrongVPN is a great option for 5 days, another option is HideMyAss which also offer 30 days money back guarantee and will not ask you any questions if you decide not to subscribe for a 6 months or 1 year package. You can consider also IPVanish, SaferVPN and PureVPN, it’s a good option if you want to try out VPN for a few days before committing to it for a longer period of time.


Subscribing to a VPN is one of the best decisions you can make in the 21st Century. It is the only way you can fully protect your internet identity and stay anonymous online. It is also a great option if you wish to access sites in other countries which you couldn’t without a VPN service. However, most of the best VPN comes with a subscription fee, if it’s your first time using a VPN and you just want to try out, we have complied a list of the best free trial VPNs as well as VPNs that offer money back guarantee. All of the best VPNs offers fast speed and are some of the most trusted and well known in the industry. Look at the list, compare VPNs and try out the one that suits your requirements the most.