Change Your IP Address with India VPN Services

Lately, people residing in India are looking for a VPN service to protect their internet privacy and unblock online content. Also, Indian government frequently impose several bans on internet use to stop protesting or other public events. Therefore, local citizens have started appreciate the option of keeping their opinions private via anonymised web traffic. Thus, we are TenBestVPNs compare and review the best VPNs for India, so you get to choose only a trusted and reliable VPN brand.

Best VPN for India

If you live in India or are visiting then there are many internet services that you cannot access online. For example, you won’t be able to access Netflix US version and BBC iPlayer. Also, internet radio Pandora & Hulu movie & TV show online streaming service isn’t available in India. Due to

Due to different regulations in India, you may want to hide your internet presence, making yourself anonymous. You can do it by getting a Virtual Private Network service. It allows you to hide your IP address which makes your internet identity private. Furthermore, it also encrypts your data and let you access all geo-restricted sites (including mentioned earlier) while being in India.

10 Best VPN Services

There are many Virtual Private Network providers to choose from. If you aren’t exactly familiar with what is India VPN service and how it can help you. We have created a list of best providers for your consideration. You can look at our comparison page and read reviews before you sign up.

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Best VPN Service for India

In this article, we have compiled the best VPN India services for India’s users. These services will allow you to access all internet content and keep your online identity private. Some of the best Virtual Private Networks include ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, and SaferVPN.

ExpressVPN – has servers in over 100 cities. It includes servers in India. With Express VPN connection you can hide your location. It hides your IP address. Also, it is suitable for data encryption and online anonymity. You can use ExpressVPN also on your mobile devices, iPhone, and Android phones.

ExpressVPN Service

VyprVPN – it has over 700 servers. It includes Indian VPN server in Mumbai. For safer internet surfing and unblocking online content, you can also connect to servers in Hong Kong, US, UK and many other countries.

SaferVPN – has more than 150 servers. Some countries where you can find servers include USA, Canada, Germany and the UK. It also has Indian Virtual Private Network servers. It allows you to get new India IP address.

Using SaferVPN service, you will have a great experience. It offers fast speeds and is easy to use. Safer doesn’t keep logs, and it offers multiple protocols like (OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP to fit your needs).

PureVPN – has servers in 141 countries. It lets you connect to servers in most of the Asian countries including India. Pure has a server located in Delhi. Other popular places in Asia include Hong Kong and Singapore. You can also connect to many USA locations and everywhere in Europe. PureVPN you can use on your computer as well as on your Android and iPhone mobile devices.

StrongVPN – has servers in 44 cities. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any Indian server locations. With StrongVPN you can connect to servers in other places instead. It offers locations including United States, UK, Mexico, Germany and other places. It enables you to choose one of the following protocols PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec.

StrongVPN Review and Features

IronSocket – has servers in 36 countries.You can connect to India and other Asian cities like Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Seoul and more. Also, it allows you to easily unblock websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora and provide you with an encrypted connection which gives you full online security.

HideMyAss – is one of the most recognized VPN providers. With server locations in 190 countries, it lets you connect to almost anywhere in the world. Therefore, giving you access to any content and services that you wish to unblock.

IPVanish – have over 400 servers, and it includes countries like India (with four servers in Indore, Mumbai and New Delhi). You can also access servers in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and most of the western countries.

Buffered – is a newer Virtual Private Network service provider. However, it has servers in 26 countries, and it keeps adding new ones. Buffered VPN doesn’t have any servers in India. However, you can connect to servers in major locations like the United States, UK, Canada and Singapore in Asia.

Private Internet Access – has nearly 4000 servers in 24 countries. You can connect either in India or countries like USA, UK, China, Russia and much more. This VPN provider gives you secure account. You can choose from following Virtual Private Network protocols PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec. Private Internet Access allows you to connect to 5 devices simultaneously.

Summary of India’s freedom on the net

According to the Freedom House latest report, in India, there are more than 450 million internet subscribers. It is the third largest number in the world (leading by China and United States). However, it’s not even close to being the highest by internet penetration. In December 2016, India only reached 31 percent of its overall Internet penetration. Although about 60% of urban Indian population uses the internet, only 17% of rural Indians get regular internet access.

Another interesting fact is that mobile internet penetration is a lot higher. In rural areas, it reaches 92% of all internet users, and in urban areas, it is 77%.

Restrictions on Internet connectivity

India’s government doesn’t regularly filter online content and services online. However, it can block some ISPs network usage and connectivity that could be considered offensive. For example, one of the most recent cases was in September 2014. There were serious clashes between Hindus and Muslims that resulted in local police ordering internet and mobile service providers to block all 2G, 3G, SMS and MMS services for several days.

Content blocking

Blocking of websites and digital content is stated under the legislation act called Information Technology Rules (“Blocking Rules”). It permits the government to direct any agency to block access to any online content and information when it is in the interest of:

  • Sovereignty and integrity of India
  • Security of the state
  • Defense of India
  • Friendly relations with foreign states and public order.

Indian courts can also regulate block internet content without government permission.

Between June 2014 and May 2015, website blocks requested by Indian government affected even a few major platforms like Vimeo and Google Docs.


Censorship in India isn’t high. However, India’s government tends to block online content without any notifications. To avoid various restrictions get one of the best VPNs for use in India. It keeps your online identity anonymous and private. And allows you to get new IP from India and bypass content blockages.