Windscribe VPN Review

Windscribe was established in Ontario, Canada, it is more than a VPN service provider, it also offers firewall which prevents your home address to be exposed in the case of the internet connection loss, it also works as an ad and tracker blocker, and it generates and manages secure links from on your internet browser. Using Windsribe services you can circumvent censorship, secure public Wifi, access blocked websites and content, share your files securely and provides full privacy and anonymity when surfing the web.
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  • Countries 26
  • Servers
  • Monthly From FREE
  • Rating 95%

Free VPN version, Browser extensions available, Ad blocker, Anti-social feature, Rotation of the browser’s user agent

Free VPN version
Mobile Apps
Browser extensions

  • Windscribe VPN Features

  • Number of servers:
  • Logging policy: No logs
  • Encryption: AES 256
  • Founded:
  • Location: Canada
  • Money back guarantee: 3 days
  • Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Bitcoin
  • Visit Site

Windscribe VPN features

Servers and Locations

Currently, Windscribe VPN service offers 26 server locations across the world. With a Pro version you can connect to all servers but if you choose to go with the free VPN then it has a limited server location. Some of the most popular server locations include USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, France, Mexico, Spain, Denmark, India, Brazil, Australia, Singapore and many more.


The Windscribe is compatible with most of the operating systems. You can download and install VPN software on your Windows, Mac and Linux devices. It also offers an easy to use Google Chrome extension and it can be used with Opera and Firefox internet browsers. 

Wind scribe also has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, however Android app is only available for Pro users.

Security Protocols

Windscribe VPN supports only Open VPN protocol, but it’s enough as it’s the most reliable, secure and recommended VPN protocol for all. It also provides AES 256 data encryption and SHA 512 for data authentication.

Privacy Policy

Windscribe has a very straight forward privacy policy that can be accessed on its website. Wind scribe respects its users’ privacy, therefore it doesn’t permanently monitor any user’s online activities. To be fully anonymous, you Windscibe VPN allows you to sign up without an email address and you can use Bitcoin as a payment method to be completely sure you don’t give out any of your private information.

Privacy Features

Windscribe VPN offers a unique set of privacy features. You can use Ad Blocker which automatically blocks ads allowing to load websites much faster. Anti-social features allow you to strip out social trackers from social media platforms you visit, this features don’t let your your activities be reported and given out to its individual companies. Untraceable features lets you to visit websites without being followed and collect information about your activities online. Split Personality features help you to fight browser fingerprinting by rotating your browser’s user agent.

Customer Support

Windscribe VPN service doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support, however, all the setup guides and FAQs can be found on its website. You can also submit a ticket if you can’t solve the problem you’ve got. 

Subscription Packages

Windscribe VPN brand offers two subscription options, for a light user, you can sign up for a free VPN plan. Free VPN only allows 10GB of data per month and access to less servers than the paid VPN version. 

Windscribe VPN price

Windscribe Pro VPN version cost $9 per month or if you are ready to commit long term, then you can sign up for a one year plan for $90. Pro version gives you access to all 26 server locations, unlimited data and unlimited server switches.

Windscribe VPN advantages:

  • Free VPN version
  • Browser extensions available
  • Ad blocker
  • Anti-social feature 
  • Rotation of the browser’s user agent

Windscribe VPN disadvantages:

  • Few server locations
  • No Android app for free VPN version
  • No live chat support


Windscribe is a great online security and privacy provider. Windscribe VPN service offers also cruise control which means that it automatically connects to the best server with the best speed, it also has a double hop feature that allows you to connect to two server locations at a time to stay even more protected and anonymous. Other great features that Windscribe VPN offer is Ad Blocker, Anti-Social, Untraceable and Split Personality. Windscribe offers desktop VPN software, mobile apps and internet browser extensions.

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