ZoogTV VPN Review

ZoogTV is a UK based VPN provider which mainly focuses on allowing its users to bypass censorship and unblock sites. ZoogTV VPN also provides a decent encryption, providing its users with an online security and privacy. If you are looking for a lower cost VPN service, then ZoogTV could be the right tool for you as it also offers a free VPN service, however it isn’t very comprehensive.
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  • Countries 10
  • Servers 19
  • Monthly From Free
  • Rating 93%

Free VPN service, good streaming service, great customer service, many P2P servers

Free VPN
P2P servers
Fast Speeds

  • ZoogTV VPN Features

  • Number of servers: 19
  • Logging policy: No Logs
  • Encryption: 256 bit
  • Founded: 2013
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Money back guarantee: 30 days
  • Payment Options: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Paypal
  • Visit Site

ZoogTV VPN features

Servers and Locations

ZoogTV VPN has put a serious thought and carefully picked the best server locations around the world. Currently it offers more than 19 VPN servers in more than 10 countries around the globe and after constant monitoring, it’s regularly upgrading and adding new server locations letting anyone enjoy real Internet freedom. Currently, ZoogTV VPN has servers in the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Singapore and Australia.

Device Compatibility 

ZoogTV VPN is available on every device, you can use it on your Windows, Mac and Linux computers or you can connect also with your smartphones like iPhone, iPad and Android devices. ZoogTV works also with Chromebook and VPN routers. And it allows several simultaneous connections on different devices.

ZoogTV Devices

ZoogTV Security Protocols

ZoogTV VPN supports a wide range of VPN security protocols. You can choose to use the most recommended and stable security protocol OpenVPN or go with the other options like L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, IKEv1 or even try out the brand new IKEv2 protocol. All security protocols support up to 256 bit data encryption.

ZoogTV Privacy Policy

Although ZoogTV VPN website states that they take privacy very seriously and therefore it doesn’t store any logs of its users online activities, when you read its privacy policy, you can find out that ZoogTV actually collect some personal information from its users during their registration process. Collected information includes name, email address and a password. 

Unblock Sites and Content with ZoogTV VPN

ZoogTV VPN is perfect for unblocking sites and streaming videos online. It allows you to instantly gain access to any websites and apps around the world. With ZoogTV VPN you will be able to access popular services like Netflix US, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go and many more. As ZoogTV’s main focus is on unblocking websites, then it is also providing its users with a comprehensive blog where it covers many topics on how to unblock and stream videos especially when it comes to those in the USA, UK and Canada. Some of the covered topics include, how to watch Olympics 2016, how to watch Euro 2016 Online, how to watch UK TV Online, what to watch on Amazon Prime Outside of the US, How to watch the Vikings and many more.

File Sharing with ZoogTV VPN

ZoogTV VPN allows file sharing on its specially dedicated servers. Currently there are 6 servers that allow file sharing and one of it is a free VPN server based in Amsterdam. The rest of it is based in Barcelona, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Milan and Singapore, however you will need to ZoogTV VPN subscription to use these servers.

ZoogTV Customer Service

ZoogTV VPN customers can get in touch with the support team round the clock 24/7. However, it doesn’t offer an online chat, but the support is available through the email or ticket. 

We had a good experience with the ZoogTV support team, they replied very fast to the emails and we also found out that they plan to launch a live chat within a near future.

ZoogTV VPN Subscription Price

Just like many other VPN providers, ZoogTV VPN offers several subscription plans which are based on a duration. The longer you sign up with, the more affordable its service becomes. Typically ZoogTV VPN subscription cost $8.99 per month and it offers further discounts when signing up for 6 months or 1 year. Currently, ZoogTV has a special offer and you can sign up for as low as $3.99 per month if you take up one year plan or for $5.99 if you go with the month to month plan.

ZoogTV VPN price

You can also sign up with a ZoogTV free VPN plan. It offers 3 free VPN servers, which are located in New York, London and Amsterdam. Already previously mentioned that the Amsterdam server can be used also for torrenting and other file sharing purposes. On its free VPN service you get 2GB data transfer, best effort bandwidth and only use one device at a time.

ZoogTV VPN advantages:

  • free VPN service
  • great customer support
  • good streaming service
  • many P2P servers

ZoogTV VPN disadvantages:

  • confusing privacy policy
  • few server locations

ZoogTV VPN Conclusion

ZoogTV provides a great service for anyone who are looking for a VPN service to mainly focus on unblocking websites and streaming videos online. It also offers decent privacy level. Their free VPN service is one of the best that you can come across compared to other VPN providers. Only one concern is its unclear privacy policy where on its website’s landing page it states that it doesn’t collect any data and doesn’t keep any logs, where accessing its privacy policy it clearly states that it keeps some data regarding account information. However, we highly advice to try ZoogTV VPN for its great speeds and value for money VPN service.

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