How To Change My IP Address

Your registered IP address consists of numbers that can be recognized by websites. It gives out a lot information about you. Website owners can use this information to track you online. It can trace your actual location, detect your local internet provider and many other things that not necessary is something that others should know. When people realize what damage giving not protecting their IP address can cause, they usually ask how can I change my IP address? If you are not happy to share your online activities with anyone else, then it’s a great idea to learn how to change your IP address with an easy tool called a VPN.

It’s not difficult to change your IP address, there are several IP changers that you can choose from. The best IP changer is a VPN service provider. It not only hide your IP address but also you can choose another IP address from another country. A VPN allows you to connect to a server in your own location or in another country. In addition, it hides your IP address and even provides you a new IP address. This allows you to protect your internet identity and lets you to appear in several different locations within seconds. If you want to watch Netflix, then switch to USA server. If you are more interested in BBC iPlayer, switch to UK server. Wish to appear in Canada, Singapore or UAE, also no problem.

Change my IP address

How To Download IP Changer

If you wish to get the best tool to change my IP address then we recommend getting an account with a VPN provider. A VPN is a great tool that allows you to protect your online identity and unblock geo-restricted websites and services. Some of the most reliable VPN service providers include ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Ivacy VPN.

Once you decide on a VPN provider, you can create an account and download the VPN software. Most of the best VPN providers have softwares for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. You can also get a mobile app for your Android and iPhone smartphones. Many VPNs allow you to connect to several devices and use it simultaneously with the same account, letting you to change your IP address and protect yourself online on all of your devices.

Select A Server, Hide IP And Change Regions

After setting up and getting a VPN software on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, you are fully ready to sign in and change your IP and location. Many VPN providers automatically change your IP address and connect to a fastest VPN server. But all of them allow also to virtually travel around the world. You can switch server to another location and unblock sites and access TV channels that allow you to watch sporting events like Formula One, Premier League and Champions League.

How To Fully Benefit From A VPN Service?

Now that you know that VPN service is the best tool to hide your IP and change IP to one that cannot be tracked. It’s great to find out also about other VPN benefits. VPN is the best tool also for:

  • Accessing restricted sites and content. Many countries are censored and it restricts internet freedom to their netizens. VPN connection allows everyone to access sites that have been blocked by government or due to geographical restrictions. Some of the examples include the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries banning international dating sites and gambling websites. Also China is very well known for its internet blocks, using a VPN service you can get access to Google, Instagram, Facebook and other services that typically would be blocked in China.
  • Finding the best travel deals. Using a VPN you can swap your location very easily, it lets you to access the cheapest tickets. This is because the ticket prices tend to vary based on a location you are searching from.
  • Protect yourself when on a public internet connection. If you are out using a public Wifi of Hotspot, it means you are opening up your online activities for anyone who may be interested to take advantage on it. VPN network secures your internet presence no matter which network you are connecting to.


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