Tutorial: Free Total VPN Service

This is a photo tutorial about how to use a free TotalVPN service. In this tutorial you will find how to log in into your TotalVPN account, how to change VPN settings including protocols and servers for auto connection. You will see how connecting to a VPN server helps you to switch your location and change your IP address. TotalVPN protects your online security, it allows you to use torrents and download files online, you can also unblock sites and stream live sports for free from anywhere.

TotalVPN Login

TotalVPN Login

Key in your email and password to login into to your TotalVPN free account.

TotalVPN Home Screen

TotalVPN Home Screen


After login, you will land on a TotalVPN home screen where you can easily access your settings, connect to the best P2P server and access the most secure and fastest server. TotalVPN free service allows you to connect to three VPN servers, which are located in Singapore, Amsterdam and Keflavik. On the home screen you can also find an Upgrade Your Free Account button. Upgrading your account, it will grant you access to all TotalVPN servers around the world and provide you with unlimited speeds.

Select TotalVPN Protocol

TotalVPN Protocols


Free Total VPN supports all of its VPN protocols, under the settings you can choose to either connect to a PPTP, Cisco IPSec or the OpenVPN.

Auto Connect to TotalVPN Server

TotalVPN Autoconnect

Another important feature that free Total VPN service offers is to automatically connect to one of the three VPN servers. This feature works upon logging in on TotalVPN, it will automatically connect to one of your chosen servers securing your connection and changing your IP address instantly.

Connect to a VPN Server

TotalVPN Connect Server


On the left side of the VPN software you can find a search bar, this is where you can easily typing in find a server you intend to connect to and select it. As soon as the main screen shows the name of the place, just press CONNECT button and within seconds your location will be changed and your IP address hidden.

TotalVPN Important Notice

TotalVPN Free Upgrade

Total VPN free service is a limited VPN version which only allows to connect to three VPN servers and operates in limited speed, at 2 Mb/s. The Important Notice prompts users every time after switching a server. For full VPN access, press Upgrade Now.

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Disconnect From a VPN Server

TotalVPN Disconnect Server
To disconnect from a VPN server you have to close the Important Notice and you will see a DISCONNECT button right below the location’s name where you are connected to. Within seconds you will be disconnected.

Remember that by disconnecting, you put your online identity at a risk. Use a TotalVPN at any time to keep anonymous online, protect your data and unblock sites and content.

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