Why choose a top VPN service provider?

If you search online you will come across to dozens for VPN providers. As the demand has increased in the past few years then many IT professionals have found this to be a good product to build and offer to the potential users.

However not all the VPNs you will come across are equally well created. There are big differences between well known and established providers, and not as successful and popular ones. Price isn’t the main factor to look at when choosing your VPN service. Choosing more expensive over the cheap one in the end can pay off and be much safer option as the differences between their services can range from customer support to leakage of your personal data.

Here we are looking at some major differences between well known and smaller virtual private network providers, and how to pick the safest and trusted VPN that suits your needs.

Reliable VPNMost of the VPN providers offer you anonymous network, data encryption and protocols. However that doesn’t mean that your experience with every one of them will be equal. Below you can find some risk factors involved when choosing a smaller service providers than using one that’s been in a market for years, with genuinely good customer service and professional services.

Well known, top VPN providers:

  • Established, offer years of experience, knowledge, support and safety assurance
  • Provide full package, including good customer service and logging policies.
  • Have a strong engineering team with great knowledge and experience in building secure encryption VPN tunnels
  • Financial stability, here to stay
  • Have a good reputation
  • Offer their own web VPN software and a suitable one for all mobile devices

Smaller VPN providers:

  • Not well established
  • low manpower for customer support
  • Not as experienced, this can lead to faults in a software and risk of your personal data security
  • Have no financial stability, can go bankrupt and stop providing services any time
  • Have no reputation so they may not take a good care of their customers
  • Limited finances to build a good and secure software
  • May not have logging policy, which would allow them to collect your personal data and sell to other companies

Main advantages of choosing a top VPN provider

Knowledge and experience

Usually top companies are the ones who are well established and in a market for at least few years. That gives them good experience and knowledge of their customers which allows them to serve their users in a right manner, provide the right tools, add new features and make sure the product match their client needs and requirements.

Financial Stability

Most of the best VPN service companies have a great financial resources. Either it’s from their own over the years saved profits or investment funds, the financial stability allows them to employ skilled and talented people and expand their businesses which improves security and quality of their services.

VPN Software

When a software engineers decide to build a VPN service they may choose to build one from a scratch or borrow one from existing service provider and implement it on their servers. All of the top VPN providers have built their own VPN software which is more secure to use and has the most secure VPN protocols. Own propriety VPN softwares by top VPN providers are crafted with extra features, it’s simple to use, allows smooth server switches, IP address circulations and it takes a good care of your online anonymity.

To offer full benefits and let users to make the most out of their services, all of the best VPN service providers have created also a mobile version for iOS and Android devices. That is a free addition which allows smartphone and tablet users to keep their private information secure when browsing internet even on their mobile devices.

Mobile app development isn’t easy and cheap process therefore most of the smaller VPN providers do not offer this feature as part of their service.


Having strong financial stability, established VPN providers can hire top notch tech people and software security professionals. They can also afford to employ a team dedicated to security and quality assurance. A strong know how engineering team means more secure and better quality product with better VPN encrypted algorithm.

With more professionals on board, company is able to monitor their services 24/7. Which means full time attention on their system and servers, they can identify the cause of the problem and fix the problem as soon as possible.

This may not be the case for the smaller VPN companies with less engineers who could pay attention to all the details and react immediately to system failures or server attacks.

Customer Care

VPN companies may have hundreds of thousands of users from all over the world which means also many different timezones. This requires also a lot of technical support in various times of a day or even night. With one support team working regular working hours isn’t going to be enough for a good customer care. Providing 24/7 customer service would require a lot more employees.

Most of the smaller VPN provider do not have a dedicated person for customer care, usually the same person answering customers would be the same as is doing some other tasks. That’s why only way to get in touch with these companies is to write in an email or chat during the working hours, which still doesn’t guarantee reply to all your queries.

However most of the top VPN companies provide 24/7 customer care either by live chat or support by phone. You may be tech savvy and get a grip of the software immediately but it’s good to know that in case of emergency your problems will be heard and fast taken care of.

Company reputation

Total number of worldwide internet users keep increasing every year, in 2015 there were over 3.17 billion users. Browsing internet you are capable to find almost anything that people are talking about therefore company’s reputation is one of the most important values in consumer eyes. Same comes for virtual private network providers, companies with better customer reviews will be more successful than the ones with quality.

Well-established VPN service providers who have put efforts to build their services and have become a trusted brand will not want to risk with their name by doing something deceptive.

Where smaller VPN’s may not have built the trust from their customers therefore doing something dishonest may not be a such a big deal. Some of these companies may even be located in a tax haven with management not been identifiable.

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