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In Brazil and any other country in the world, internet users are looking for a way how to browse the web privately and securely. Also, they are interested to find out how to unblock websites and content from other countries. Virtual private network or VPN is the best tool to protect your internet identity and access sites and services globally. Our Brazil VPN providers have a fast and reliable service with servers in all continents. For a small fee, with a Brazilian VPN you can connect to servers around the world. You can change the IP address that allows you to access websites from anywhere. Hence, you can watch your favorite programs when traveling abroad.

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VPN in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world. Its Internet penetration is 66.4%, which is over two hundred thousand million users. Although theoretically censorship level in Brazil isn’t high, practically it’s more than people talk about it. 

Brazil’s internet freedom has changed in the past few years from Partly Free to Free. And, it has drastically improved after its democracy re-establishment in 1986.

Most of the people across Brazil choose to use a Brazil VPN provider to protect their freedom of speech online. And also, keep their online identities safe. Brazilian VPN is also very useful for bypassing restrictions like blocked content and websites. Often companies and schools tend to restrict its internet users from accessing certain sites. Most of them are social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Brazilian Government Censorship

Although formally censorship level in Brazil is very low, there are a lot of indications that it is delusive.

For example, looking at the Brazilian government requests to Google to remove online content from its servers or turn over personal data related to its netizens, is one of the highest in the world. To find out more about it go to Google’s Transparency Report.


Another obvious fact that speaks for itself is that when Twitter released its controversial new censorship policy, Brazil was the first countries to try and use it to silence dissenting voices.

In addition, many well-known Brazilian bloggers and journalists have been physically abused due to a public release of information that might not have been in favor for the Brazilian government.

Access international sites 

Our recommended Brazil VPN service providers offer fast and reliable speeds and access to servers not only in Brazil but also in hundreds of locations internationally. Some of the locations include USA, Canada, UK, Latvia, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Australia and many others. All of our VPN for Brazil will allow its users to access blocked websites and services. Even websites and services like Netflix USA, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and others can be unblocked with Brazilian VPN when living or traveling to the Brazil. VPN Brazil is the best way to keep updated on what’s happening in the world. Its users can also stream live sports like Formula 1, Premier League, Grand Slam Tennis tournaments like Wimbledon and French Open as well as one of the most popular sports broadcasting channels beIN Sports.

Watch Brazil TV from anywhere

A VPN for Brazil is also very useful for Brazilians who are traveling outside of the country or people who are interested in Brazilian websites and content. With Brazilian VPN you can access programs like Rede Globo, SBT and Rede Record as well as Confederação Brasileira de Futebol games. Not forgetting to mention Rio Olympic Games.VPN for Brazil lets you connect to Brazil servers from anywhere and enjoy the live events without worries of missing it.

Top VPN for Brazil

There are many reasons why people get a VPN service. First of all, Brazil VPN lets you protect yourself while surfing the internet. Secondly, it also allows to keep yourself safe when on a public internet network. Thirdly, it allows you to access and unblock contents from around the world. And finally, it lets you use VOIP and P2P services like Torrents without any problems.


Now knowing that officially Brazil has a high level of freedom of speech on the internet, in reality, Brazil’s internet users should be protecting their identities when surfing the web and using social media sites. With a VPN for Brazil, you can easily stay anonymous online. In addition, Brazilian VPN will let you bypass other internet restriction. You can also unblock sites and service from Brazil when living abroad or travel.

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