How To Watch NBA Playoffs Live Online

The NBA Playoffs are the final stage of the long NBA season. The best teams from both Eastern and Western conferences meet to fight for a champion's title. Therefore, many basketball fans around the world love to cheer for their teams in person and by watching at home on their television screens. Many people are fortunate to afford cable TV subscriptions, but there are also many individuals who have no option to subscribe to a television cable and watch NBA games live. Therefore, in this article, we will share with you how to watch NBA Playoffs without a cable. You will find out how to watch NBA playoffs online live outside of the USA and how to stream games in the countries like UK, Canada, Australia. Furthermore, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to stream NBA Playoffs online with a VPN.

NBA Playoffs 2017 begin: April 15, 2017 (see full schedule at the bottom of the page)
NBA Finals 2017 begin: June 1, 2017
The NBA Finals 2017 latest possible date: June 18, 2017
Best NBA Playoff Streaming Channels: ESPN, TNT, ABC, NBA TV, TSN, Sportsnet, Sport Klub
Watch NBA Playoffs without a cable, best options: Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, DIRECTV NOW.

How To Watch NBA Playoffs Online Live

We have some significant advantages by living in the 21st century. The best position for NBA lovers is that now it is possible to watch NBA playoffs online live from anywhere in the world. In this guide, I will share the best ways to stream NBA games online. I will list the best online broadcasting channels for the NBA season 2016/2017. Also, you will find out what are some of the best cable TV alternatives to watch NBA playoffs online live and how to watch playoffs from countries outside of the USA, including the UK, Canada, and Australia.

List of NBA Playoffs Online Broadcasters

Here’s a list of the best USA based broadcasters where you can watch NBA Playoffs online live and enjoy all the amazing actions of every game.


Although all of these channels stream NBA games live, not all of them broadcast every NBA game online. Here’s a full schedule of the NBA games.

Another downside is that all of these channels require you to have a cable TV subscription.

Here’s how you can access and watch NBA broadcasting channels online:

Watch NBA Playoffs online on the ESPN. First of all, visit ESPN website. Secondly, download WatchESPN app on your device. And then you have to select your TV provider and enter your TV subscription username and password.

Watch NBA playoffs online on ESPN

How to watch NBA Playoffs on TNT: First of all, visit TNT website, and click on LIVE TV. Secondly, select the game you want to watch. Then choose your cable TV provider and sign in. You are ready to watch NBA playoffs online live with TNT.

Stream NBA Playoffs online on ABC. Start with opening the ABC Go website. Then click on the Live TV. Continue with selecting your TV subscription and signing in. Now you are ready to watch NBA games live online.

Watch NBA Playoffs online live on NBA TV. NBA TV offers two ways for NBA playoffs live stream. The NBA League Pass is available to TV subscribers. If you have a television subscription, then you can activate your digital access by visiting NBA TV website, then signing in to your NBA account and providing your TV provider credentials.

Or you can buy NBA League Pass online. The only downside is that you won’t be able to watch certain games based on your virtual location. It is known as NBA Blackouts. Click here to learn more about NBA Blackouts.

How To Avoid NBA League Pass Blackouts

Now that you know what NBA League Pass Blackouts is, probably your primary concern is how to follow your home team in its pursuit of the NBA Champions title. Therefore, here we have some great solution for you. You can avoid NBA League Pass Blackouts with a VPN service.

VPN service lets you change your IP address to another region where your favorite team’s game is available. Furthermore, VPN service provides you with online security and anonymity.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to avoid NBA Ligue Pass Blackouts:

1: Get a VPN subscription. The VPN service you sign up to needs have servers in different regions in the USA.
2: Download and install VPN software on the device you intend to use.
3: Connect to a VPN service in another region of yours. For example, if you are living in Indiana then most likely you aren’t able to watch New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets games. If you wish to watch live games with one of these teams, then you should change your virtual location to another place where it is available. For example, you can change it to Texas, which will provide you with access to New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets games but you won’t be able to watch Dallas Mavericks instead. Choose the best location for your needs.
4: Access your NBA League Pass and stream NBA playoffs online.

How to Watch NBA Playoffs Without Cable?

In the first part of the article, we looked at the ways to watch NBA playoffs online with a US Cable TV subscription. But what if you don’t have a cable TV? Here we have listed some of the best cable TV alternatives for watching the NBA playoffs live online.

NBA Playoffs Live Stream On Sling TV

Sling TV is an online subscription service that lets you stream live TV online. It doesn’t require any cable TV subscription, and it has rights to broadcast many major TV channels.

Sling TV is one of the best ways to watch NBA Playoffs online without cable. Its basic subscription package which is perfect for NBA lovers cost as little at $20 per month. It includes TV channels like ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3. You also can sign up for a Sling TV free trial, which is valid for seven days for its new users.

Sling TV also has more excellent packages for a slightly higher subscription fee. You can also get ESPNews which is part of the optional Sports package.

The main advantage of having a Sling TV subscription is the flexibility that it provides. You can watch any of the NBA games while on the road. Therefore, you don’t have to be at home at a particular time just to catch your favorite NBA team in action.

The downside of having Sling TV subscription is that it is only available in the USA. Therefore, if you travel outside of the US or want to sign up for Sling TV from outside of the United States, then you need to have a USA IP address. You can get a US IP address with a VPN service help.

Later in this article, I will share with you how you can stream NBA Playoffs online live with a VPN from anywhere in the world.

Stream NBA Playoffs Online On PlayStation Vue

Another excellent alternative to cable TV is a PlayStation Vue. It is a similar streaming service like Sling TV. However, PlayStation Vue’s subscription fee is slightly higher.

The basic Vue plan starts at $29.99 per month. You can stream ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3, plus you get access to ESPN trifecta.

Unfortunately, PlayStation Vue doesn’t offer NBA TV as a channel option. However, there are other ways how you can stream NBA Playoffs online on PlayStation Vue.

Another disadvantage of PlayStation Vue is its lack of device compatibility. Therefore, before you make a subscription, check if the Vue supports your device.

Also, PlayStation Vue isn’t available outside the USA. Therefore, keep reading to find out how you can stream NBA playoffs online live on PlayStation Vue with a VPN service from anywhere in the world.

Watch NBA Playoffs Online Live On DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is a new streaming service which is a great alternative to cable TV. Although it is slightly more expensive than the previously reviewed streaming service providers, DIRECTV NOW offers many channel options including sports channels like ESPN, TNT, ABC, and NBA TV.

DIRECTV NOW basic plan cost $35 per month and you have access to over 60 networks. Regardless of your region, DIRECTV lets you watch NBA Playoffs online live from any location in the USA.

You can stream NBA games on all the major devices and operating systems. Plus, currently, with the one-month subscription, you can get a free Amazon Fire TV stick. However, if you sign up for three months at a time, then you get a free Apple TV.

Just like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue can only be accessed outside of the United States by using a VPN service. Below, you can find a step-by-step guide on how to unblock websites and services that are only available in the USA.

Watch NBA Playoffs Online Outside Of The USA

NBA being the most popular basketball league, also many people from all around the world like to follow NBA games live. However, outside of the USA, there aren’t as many ways to watch NBA Playoffs live as you get in the US. Especially if you are a cord cutter, then the options are even more limited. Therefore, here in this section, I’ll share with you how stream NBA Playoffs online live with a VPN from anywhere in the world. And also you will find what are the best options if you want to watch NBA Playoffs online live in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Stream NBA Playoffs Online Live With A VPN

VPN service is a Virtual Private Network. Many people use VPN for online security and anonymity. However, it has another great function. VPN service allows its users to change their IP address and virtually appear in a different location. This feature lets users bypass geographic restrictions and unblock sites and content. Therefore, a VPN service is one of the best tools to have if you want to watch NBA Playoffs online outside of the USA.

Now you know what a VPN service is, what you can use it for and what are the best ways to watch NBA online with a VPN.

VPN service is very useful for Americans who have a US cable TV subscription but are traveling abroad a lot. In this case, VPN service allows users to connect to a VPN server in the US. It allows its users to appear as they are living in the United States, which gives them access to online channels like ESPN, TNT, ABC and NBA TV.

Also, people who aren’t USA residents can take advantage of a VPN service. It allows users to unblock and sign up for any US based services. It includes geographically unavailable Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW and PlayStation Vue.

Unblocking streaming services like Sling TV is the best way for people around the world to gain an access and stream NBA Playoffs online live with a VPN.

Stream NBA Playoffs Live In The UK

If you are residing in the UK and want to watch, NBA Playoffs live online then the best option in BT Sport. BT Sport allows you to watch the NBA all season long, including NBA Playoffs and Finals.

There are three ways how you can watch NBA Playoffs live on the BT Sport. You can either access it on your Sky TV service, on BT TV or the BT Sport app and online.

If you don’t have a Sky TV service, then you can sign up for a BT TV Package. Here’s step by step instructions on how to get a BT TV:

1: Click here to visit BT TV website (
2: Choose a BT TV Package of your preference
3: Choose a broadband and phone package
4: Add extras of your preference
5: Complete your BT Sport Package order

Having a BT Sport package in the best way to watch NBA Playoffs Live in the UK.

Watch NBA Playoffs Online In Australia

If you want to watch NBA Playoffs online in Australia, then the best way is getting a subscription with Foxtel. With its Sports Combo package, you can follow all of your favorite NBA, NRL, AFL, Super Rugby, Supercars and Formula One teams. Plus, it offers a choice of 40 world’s best VPN channels.

The downside of signing up for this package is its high price, which is $55 per month. For anyone who’s looking for a cheaper option can look into getting a VPN service and unblocking Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW or PlayStation Vue from the USA.

To get a Foxtel subscription, visit its website and make a purchase. Foxtel Sports Combo package includes 12 dedicated sports channels and top entertainment channels. You’ll receive a Foxtel set up box. And you can stream NBA games live on Foxtel Go app, which is available for all the major devices.

Where to Watch NBA Playoffs in Canada?

If you want to watch NBA Playoffs online live in Canada, then there are several options. In Canada there are a few NBA broadcasters, it includes channels like Sportsnet One, SN, TSN2, NBATV Canada.

The best way to watch NBA games in Canada is to sign up for Sportsnet NOW online streaming service. It gives you 24/7 access to NBA, NHL, Premier League, Blue Jays & MBL games. You can stream Sportsnet, Sportsnet One and Sportsnet 360 for only $24.99 per month.

To sign up for Sportnet NOW, you can visit its website. Sportsnet NOW also offer you a free 7-day trial, which you get entitled to upon the first time subscription. If you aren’t satisfied with Sportsnet NOW service, you can cancel your subscription within first seven days free of charge.

Many Canadian residents are also enjoying Sportsnet as part of their TV subscription. If you are one of them, then you can access Sportsnet and watch NBA Playoffs online live on your iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast and Xbox devices.


NBA regular season has just ended, and the main action is about to start. If you haven’t been following the regular season online, then you may want to find out how to watch NBA Playoffs online live. For the USA residents, there are many great options. You don’t have to have a TV cable subscription to stream NBA Playoffs online live. There are many cable TV alternatives, some of the best are streaming services like Sling TV, DIRECTV NOW and PlayStation Vue. However, these services are unavailable outside of the US. Therefore, you can use a VPN service to change your IP address and access online services that are unavailable in your region or country. We are also providing some of the best ways to watch NBA Playoffs online live in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Choose your preferred way of streaming NBA games online and enjoy the live action from anywhere in the world.

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